Cliché – [klee-SHEY] – A trite, stereotyped expression, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea. 

Ex. “Splitting hairs” and “Bad hair day.”


B. CliShea, the creator of CliShea takes a simple natural approach to beauty that was first modeled by her mother.  While she has on occasion, tried more formal regimes, she always finds herself gravitating back to those basics that keep her hair and skin healthy. 

Eventually, shea butter became the cornerstone of B. CliShea's routine, especially after discovering allergic reactions to any products that weren’t all natural and organic.  But sourcing shea-based hair and skin care free of chemicals, perfumes, dyes and fragrances wasn’t easy to do! 

Enter CliShea.


CliShea – [klee-SHEY] – A modern approach to traditional hair care that uses natural ingredients, such as shea butter, to moisturize hair, skin and scalp.  Commonly used by confident, empowered women who’d rather embrace their natural appeal rather than undergo excessive time, expense and chemical exposure to conform to others’ ideals. 

Ex. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “Dance to the beat of a different drummer”

Be CliShea.