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Fake Hair, Don't Care - How to Choose the Best Hair Extension Method to Protect and Grow Your Natural Hair



In our modern world, hair damage is a way of life. It seems that everything out there can contribute to our wilting locks, from pollution to dry air, sand to UV rays, wind to cold… it’s a never-ending assault. Yet the products we choose to ‘fix’ the problem, often make the issue worse! Luckily, there is a solution that will work right now, today! Hair extensions. Not only do these enhancements offer a gorgeous head of head right away, they also protect and shield your natural hair in order to promote growth and health. Hair extensions have evolved, no longer are they the dry, ratty tendrils that used to hang limply down your back. Now, these protective add-ins come in a wealth of options and varieties, from colors to textures, styles to lengths – no matter what look you want to achieve, you can make it happen with hair extensions!

This book will teach you:

Protect and retain your beautiful mane today with hair extensions!

*The many varieties of hair extensions available including wigs, weaves, and clip-ins to name a few

*How to choose the RIGHT hair extension to achieve the style YOU want

*How to choose the RIGHT hair extension method to protect and grow your natural hair

*How to install, maintain, and remove hair extensions

*How to treat your hair upon removing hair extensions

*And much, much more!