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To Be, or Not to Be – Natural?

Is your crowning glory in need of a change? No matter our hair type, texture or length, many of us reach a point when we decide to do something big with our hair. For some, it’s a change in color. For others, it’s a dramatic cut. Sometimes we just choose to go on a healthy hair journey. Another big decision in the hair world is deciding whether or not to go natural. Going natural is a great place to start, although it’s more like returning to being natural. But what exactly does being natural mean? What is Natural Hair? Simply put, hair whose texture has not been chemically altered is referred to as “natural hair.” This means you can straighten...

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The End of Bad Hair Days

By a show of hands, who has experienced a bad hair day? If your hand didn’t go up, you must be a magical creature from a mythical land. The thing about bad hair days is they sneak up on us; and at the most inconvenient times too. Either when we’re late and don’t have much time to do anything about it, or when we’re out and about and just happen to bump into our exes or friends from high school that will no doubt look like they walked off a catwalk. It’s pretty safe to say that we all want our hair to cooperate with us. Sometimes it doesn’t (ok, most times,) but when it does, we wear it with...

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