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Beauty Blog Writing: 5 Killer Ways to Quality Content

Posted by Shavon Walker on

Beauty blogs have become the ultimate authority for beauty tips, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. People love beauty bloggers because they practically give the same information as beauty magazines, without the monthly subscription.

Over the years, beauty blogging has become such a lucrative industry that thousands of women start their own beauty blogs with the hopes of becoming the next “breakthrough beauty influencer of the year”. Just do a quick search of the most...

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Top 5 Hair Dryers for Naturally Curly Hair

Posted by Shavon Walker on

Having curly hair has its ups and downs. Some people love and embrace their natural curly locks. But, others seem to have a hard time accepting them. Knowing the type of curly hair you have can be the key for you to learn how to manage it well.

Based on the hair type classification, curly hair may be Type 2, 3, or 4. Under these types, there are sub-categories like 2a and 3c. The most...

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How to Build an Effective Natural Hair Care Regimen

Posted by Shavon Walker on

The fact that you’re here trying to learn how to build an effective natural hair care regimen says a lot about how much you value your natural hair. Many of you actually want to learn how to take better care of your crowning glory. Some of those who wander here may just really be curious. Whatever your reason is for being here, there’s one thing you should...

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12 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

Posted by Shavon Walker on

Color, highlights, extensions, perms: in your quest to become beautiful, you might be sacrificing your hair. You’ll find a list of ways and habits that might be damaging your hair.

To better understand your hair, here is a quick discussion on the anatomy of the hair. The hair is fiber, similar to wool. It is tightly bundled in the middle.

The hair has three layers:

        Medulla – inner fiber

        Cortex – surrounds the...

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How Can I Moisturize My Hair Naturally?

Posted by Shavon Walker on

While we all aspire to have rich, lustrous hair, there are moments when we simply cannot do anything to avoid a bad hair day.

Watching those enviable models’ hair on TV ads, one would wonder if it is real. Can you really achieve that kind of effect on your hair?

The answer is yes.

Common hair problems

Is your hair healthy?

You can easily answer this question if you know how to spot...

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