Why Choose Bluehost Web Hosting for Your Wordpress Blog

Why Choose Bluehost Web Hosting Services for Your WordPress Website

Choosing to run your website on WordPress is the best decision you can make. WordPress is a powerful, smart platform that supports over 25% of the world’s most famous websites. It means you are joining a worldwide community of website users supported by clever developers who continuously enhance the platform. They constantly improve design, and add more features, and better security to WordPress, which are great things you can enjoy today.

WordPress is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry if you are not a tech-savvy user. It is a quick, easy to learn platform for creating your own website. WordPress is a creative and empowering tool that offers unlimited online support for beginners. With its partnership with Bluehost, you will have a truly good website. 

A good WordPress website begins with a good web hosting service like Bluehost. WordPress has been recommending Bluehost for the past several years. In fact, they host over two million WordPress websites. Getting started with WordPress through Bluehost is simple. If you don’t have a web host yet, why don’t you create an account on Bluehost?


About Bluehost

Bluehost is the web hosting company owned and operated by Endurance International Group. It hosts more than two million domains, together with its sister corporations such as iPage, FastDomain, and HostMonster. Bluehost has been providing quality services to blog and website owners since 1996. 


Using Bluehost for Your Website

A web hosting service can either break or make your success in blogging. A bad one can negatively impact your business. It is why you must be wise and practical when choosing a web hosting service. To make a good decision, you must consider the following:

  • Loading Time. The loading time of your website is the most crucial thing that can either positively or negatively affect your business. If your website takes only a few seconds to load, you’ll get a higher conversion rate. However, if it takes more time to load, people may leave, and visit your competitor’s website instead. Therefore, keeping your loading time at its best is the most difficult challenge you must face. Your loading time will depend on the web hosting service that you use. Bluehost can make your website load faster. 

  • Hacking. Security is now the number one priority of every online marketer. Many things can happen when your website is not hack-proof. Bluehost can do different things to your website. Aside from keeping its loading time short, the hosting service will protect your website from all sorts of hacking attacks. 

  • Full Website and Database Backup. Your website and its whole database should be backed up. Your content and everything else should be kept on a secure server. Bluehost is a great option in terms of taking data backups on a regular basis. It is a convenient way to back up your content. You can do that even if you’re not tech-savvy. 

Further, Bluehost promises that all incoming WordPress updates released will be made available to you within 24 hours. This will help keep your website updated and equipped with the newest security fixes and features. Click here to know how to get started.

The Benefits of Using Bluehost for Your WordPress Website

Aside from its amazing features, Bluehost can give you more benefits. You can expect things like:


  • Free Domain Name

With Bluehost, your domain name is free for life. It means you don’t need to spend more cash on domain name registration and upgrade because you get it free from Bluehost. If you sign up with Bluehost today, you would get the chance to register a domain name for free. To get this privilege, avail of their web hosting service good for at least 1 year.


  • Good Customer Service

Make sure you hire a web hosting service with good technical support and customer service. You can expect the best service and support from a trustworthy web hosting company like Bluehost. Their support team is always ready to help, especially in emergency cases.

With their 24/7 technical support, you will always have peace of mind. Bluehost’s support team will help you in dealing with any website related issues. You may call, send a message via email, or talk to them via live chat. Their support group is cordial and would help you solve your issues right away. Typically, it takes only a few minutes for them to solve a problem. Bluehost users worldwide have the same experience. 


  • Affordable Pricing

With Bluehost, you can avail of a three-year web hosting service for only $2.95 per month. There are 3 packages to choose from: Basic for $2.95 per month, Plus for $5.45 per month, and Prime for $5.45 per month. Prime comes with extra features like spam protection, domain privacy, and website backup. You can also avail their Go Pro package for only $13.95 per month. With this special package, you get all features in the Prime package combined with exclusive features like a high-end server. 

  • Reliability

More than twenty thousand webmasters create their websites or blogs using Bluehost each month. Also, over two million bloggers use websites hosted by Bluehost. These facts show how credible their service is. Bluehost is designed for speed, and the company has high-class servers to host your website. With Bluehost, you will never encounter a downtime.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Domain Space

Bluehost is also known for providing unlimited bandwidth and domain space. You could have unlimited database space and use more bandwidth if you like. Bluehost will never limit bandwidth. You may run several websites with just one account. There’s no limit – you can run as many websites as you wish. That’s the biggest benefit of using Bluehost as your ultimate web hosting service for your WordPress website. 



If your goal is to have a lucrative online business that grows continuously, picking the right web hosting service for it is important. Bluehost is one good option when it comes to web hosting services for your WordPress website. You will get quality service and great features without spending too much for them. Their happy users have many things to say about their team and services. 

Likewise, the packages offered by Bluehost come with awesome features you should not miss. Choose the right package for your needs and enjoy the promised features. While their packages are already affordable, you can save more by using Bluehost coupons.

Want to get started today? Please click here to sign up and open an account on Bluehost.

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