Top 5 Hair Clippers for a Super Close Head Shave

If you are looking to cut down on some costs, you might consider cutting down on getting a head shave. Instead of spending regularly on a barber or a hairstylist, why not learn how to do it yourself?


Fortunately, you don’t have to enroll yourself in barber school in order to do so—all you would need is the right equipment. You can always choose from the many hair clippers and trimming kits available.


Whether you want to give yourself a little trim or a super close head shave, these five best-selling hair clippers are specially designed to make you feel like a pro.

Remington HC4250

Designed for ease, comfort, and accuracy, this 13-piece kit comes with a compact clipper that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. Its conveniently small size allows for better control while shaving.


In fact, it enables you to reach across the neckline, around the ears, and to the back of the head. The extra-wide stainless steel blade is curved to follow the head’s natural contour to ensure quick, easy, and precise self-haircuts or shaves.


Measuring 5.7% wider than the typical hair clippers, the Remington HC4250 cuts through hair faster and much more efficiently. It also comes with nine length combs cut 1/16”-5/8” (1.5 to 15 mm) to ensure that you attain the hair length that you desire.


You have the option to go cord or cordless, as it is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that guarantees 40 minutes of power for cordless use. The clipper has a voltage of 110-120 VAC.


Wahl Magic Clip #8148

Dubbed as the ultimate cordless clipper, the Magic Clip from Wahl Professional is equipped with high-precision zero-overlap 2161 blades designed for maximum speed. It also has an easy-to-handle taper lever for effortless blending and fading. 


With both cord and cordless options, it is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which ensures over 90 minutes of use per charge. The Wahl Professional 8148 measures 6.25” in length and 10 oz in weight, and has a power frequency of 120 Volts/60 Hertz.


Its accessories include eight attachment combs, a cleaning brush, some blade oil, a red blade guard, a recharging transformer, and a set of instructions.


Wahl Men's Grooming Kit 9818

An all-in-one grooming kit, the Wahl 9818 is an all-purpose tool applicable for your every grooming need, from cutting hair to shaving beards or body hair and even trimming down nose and ear hairs.


Its specially designed self-sharpening precision blades are a breakthrough in shaving technology, long lasting and crafted to cut through hair of any type and length.


This complete grooming system comes with four kinds of multi-purpose attachments (detail shaver, detail trimmer, rotary personal trimmer, and T-blade) to trim your facial hair into any style.


The trimmer comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery compatible with either 110 Volts for use at home or 220 Volts for use internationally, making it the ideal grooming companion to have while traveling.


Also included are a comb, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a set of instructions in English and Spanish.


Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602

The Wahl Elite Pro Haircutting Kit 79602 boasts of the finest self-sharpening precision ground blades designed for long-lasting sharpness, capable of cutting through all types of hair 40% faster than standard blades.


It has an adjustable taper lever for easy fading and blending, and its powerful and durable motor features 15% more power than Wahl’s Powerdrive premium motor for superior no-snag and no-noise hair cutting.


The Wahl Clipper Elite Pro also comes with a complete set of 10 guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips for smooth, safe, and easy haircutting at home. It runs on industrial heavy-duty corded power of 120 Volts/60 Hertz.


The kit’s other accessories include shears or scissors, a styling comb, a bib or cape, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a blade guard. This is arguably among the most complete sets available on the market.


Wahl Color Pro Clipper & Trimmer 9649

With its set of vibrant attachments, the Wahl Color Pro offers a stylish way to keep your hair in style. This 21-piece cordless kit comes with a full set of 12 colorful attachment guards.


With each guide comb size designated by color, you can easily identify which is which through the handy color code guide printed on the clipper itself.


The Walsh Color Pro 9649’s stainless steel blades are designed for exceptional hair cutting performance and are detachable for easy washing.


It has a rechargeable NiMH battery, which can run for up to 60 minutes, and has a worldwide voltage of 110 Volts for home use and 240 Volts for international use.


Its accessories include a pair of scissors, two hair combs, a cleaning brush, some blade oil, and a full-color step-by-step instruction guide.


So, which one’s your pick? If you’re a bit confused, simply consider the key features of each and compare them to your needs as well as preferences. If necessary, consider your budget, too.


Although it is true that any of these kits should be more than capable of providing a satisfying super close head shave, there’s still merit in spending time to pinpoint the one that’s truly perfect for you.  

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