Top 5 Hair Brush Cleaners

Once, we were told to brush our hair 100 strokes to encourage shine and create the luster we desired for our manes. Now, we know that advice is wrong. Instead, the type of brush, the material your hair tools are made from and how you clean your brush, is what makes the true difference.

You can choose a brush made from boar bristle, nylon, horse hair or even stainless steel – yet if you do not clean your hair tools, either with a solution or special Hair Cleaning Brushes, then no matter how expensive, that Hair Brush will lose its effectiveness. Build up happens not only on your scalp, but in the bristles and core of your brush, coating the bristles with oils while your shedding hair wraps around those precious spikes, reducing not only its use, but its life.

Luckily, you can increase your hair tools longevity and preserve its effectiveness simply by cleaning it frequently with solutions, sanitizers or Hair Cleaning Brushes specifically designed to improve the function of hair tools.

Top 5 Hair Cleaning Brushes

    This compact Hair Brush Cleaner fits nicely in your hand and works to remove every stray hair from even your most expensive of hair tools. Designed to reach to the bottom of the bristles quickly and easily, your Hair Brush will shine like new

      Practical and easy to use, this Hair Brush Cleaner is suitable for hair tools of every shape and size and will even remove those pesky bits of fluff and debris that builds up at the base of the bristles.

      Originating in England, Kent Hair Brush Cleaners are a familiar name in the beauty world. Specially crafted to remove every dead hair and thoroughly clean the brush base, this compact and attractive Hair Brush Cleaner will return any hair brush to its former glory. 

      Hair Brush Cleaners come in numerous forms, from the actual brushes listed above to solutions like this one that dissolves hair residue in minutes. Made for both brushes and combs.

      At only 18cm tall, this tiny Hair Brush Cleaner performs just as well as it’s larger counterparts. With teeth on one end, brush bristles on the side and an inner bristle covered wheel, this handy cleaner will quickly become a staple in your quest to clean your hair tools.


      All the hair brush cleaners in the world will not fully cleanse the bristles of your hair tools if you do not follow up with a good quality hair brush sanitizer – just ask a Hair Stylist!

      Paraben and 100% Cruelty Free, Shany Detox Professional Brush Cleaner is a fast drying formulation that will work quickly and effectively on both synthetic and natural brush bristles. Made from Matricaria Flower extract and Aloe Leaf Juice, this handy spray not only works well – it smells amazing! Suitable for hair tools as well as make-up brushes.


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