To Be, or Not to Be – Natural?

Is your crowning glory in need of a change?

No matter our hair type, texture or length, many of us reach a point when we decide to do something big with our hair. For some, it’s a change in color. For others, it’s a dramatic cut. Sometimes we just choose to go on a healthy hair journey. Another big decision in the hair world is deciding whether or not to go natural.

Going natural is a great place to start, although it’s more like returning to being natural. But what exactly does being natural mean?

What is Natural Hair?

Simply put, hair whose texture has not been chemically altered is referred to as “natural hair.” This means you can straighten your hair with a flat iron, or curl it with a curling wand for example, and still have natural hair. On the other hand, the use of relaxers or texturizers would mean that the hair is not referred to as natural.

Going natural can sometimes feel a little scary, particularly if you’ve lived with chemically treated or severely damaged hair for the large majority of your life (hands up if you’ve been there). Not to mention the (painful) childhood memories of our hair being combed by someone else. No wonder you’re on the fence about it! Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Why Should You Go Natural?

  • Get to Know Your Hair Again
  • What better way to get to know your hair again than by starting from scratch. Whether you choose to cut it all off and start again or slowly grow out your hair and transition to natural, you will now have to deal with your hair in its natural state. Don’t be scared, embrace the process. With some helpful information, a little patience and the right products, you’ll soon find your hair flourishing.

  • Save Money on Maintenance
  • The thing with applying chemicals to your hair is you have to keep doing it. For many of us, that means going to a professional, and that costs money. Once you go natural, that maintenance cost no longer exists – meaning more money in your pocket.

  • No More Lifestyle Conflicts
  • When your natural hair is relaxed or permed, you tend to avoid water until wash day, which is understandable. But for those who swim and exercise regularly, avoiding water is impossible, and styling your hair may become a problem. When you go natural you have the option to wash and go or style your hair for exercise, so that even if it gets wet, you’re still good to go. Talk about versatility!

  • Embrace Your Natural Beauty
  • You, just as you are, are beautiful. Accepting and loving yourself in your natural state is something everyone should experience. The confidence that comes with that radiates outward and into every other aspect of your life. Soon you’ll find yourself conquering the world!

  • Positive Influence
  • There are so many people who grow up believing that they have bad hair. By simply wearing your hair in its natural state you are changing people’s perceptions of how they view themselves and others. Your hair will teach others that there is no such thing as “bad hair,” and that all hair, no matter how different, is beautiful.

    The Frustrating Side of Natural Hair

    Many people get disappointed when they go natural and find that the effort involved is way more than they bargained for. The assumption is that natural hair requires less work. Not necessarily. Dealing with natural hair requires a lot of patience and work. The truth is when your hair is natural it does what it wants – and that can be really frustrating.

    If you’re transitioning, you’re dealing with at least two textures. If you decide to cut it all off (the big chop), you’re dealing with an entirely new head of hair. At different points in your hair journey, your hair changes and that will mean getting to know it all over again.

    Essentially, the main negative point is natural hair requires work – some textures more than others. But don’t be discouraged, we have got you covered!

    Natural Hair is a Personal Journey

    Deciding to go natural is a personal choice. Not everyone has the same reasons for choosing this journey, and that’s ok. We suggest doing a lot of research before deciding to take the plunge. You’re not alone; we at Clishea are here to help you along the way.

    Our products are made from nature’s finest ingredients, are free from harmful chemicals and are suitable for all hair types – from straight to coily and everything in between! No need to conform to society’s standards of beauty. Set your own! Step out as the confident, beautiful queen you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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    • Latarsha Reed

      When I was 18, I transitioned from natural hair to pink hair. It was considered cool back then. So I went ahead with the flow. But it cost me a lot of money and my time. Though I looked different but I’ve been called a freak sometimes. Anyway, I’ve returned to natural again and I love it. Now I look incredible in mirror ;)

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