Tips for Selecting the Best Flat Iron for your Hair Type

What Kind of Flat Iron is Best for Your Hair Type?

The hair is known to be the crowning glory. Everyone wants to sport healthy and well-polished hair, regardless of hair type. Using an electronic flat iron is one of the best-known shortcuts. Electronic flat iron, also known as hair straighteners, use plates that are heated to flatten each hair strand.

For simplicity, there are four major hair types: fine hair (Type 1), wavy hair (Type 2), curly hair (Type 3), and kinky hair (Type 4). Mastery of each hair type is key to achieving straight, healthy-looking, and glossy hair. Each hair type has a corresponding flat iron appropriate to be used – selecting the correct flat iron for specific types of hair is key to avoiding possible damages.

Hair straighteners or electronic flat irons usually work under the principle of flattening your follicle, which is considered to be more efficient than paddle brushing or blow drying. However, one has to consider carefully the natural hair type and texture. For example, if you have thick and curly hair, you need to use an iron that has the capacity to achieve higher levels of temperature. If you use the same hair straightener on finer hair types, it will lead to damage or even burning.

For a more detailed discussion on hair types and specific guidelines on choosing the right electronic flat iron, you may visit this link

In the next section, specific suggestions are carefully handpicked from best rated flat irons in the market. Read on and explore the best flat iron for your hair type:

Type 1 Fine Hair

As mentioned earlier, it is easier for fine hair to acquire damage from constantly getting exposed to heat. You must veer away from straighteners that only have one level of heat setting. Multiple settings allow you to pick the appropriate heat level. Fine hair needs less heat, making it the easiest to straighten.


Flat Irons for Type 1 Fine Hair 

Below are different products in the market that are proven to efficiently manage straightening fine hair without making it weaker or thinner due to daily regular use.

  1. CONAIR’s INFINTIPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Smoothness and gloss are two desirable hair attributes that are prioritized by the flat iron by CONAIR’s INFINITIPRO. Geared with a plate measuring around three quarters of an inch, it is considered ideal for use with fine hair. Aside from making your hair flat, you will love the product for its versatility because it can help you in making those perfect curls.

The technology employed is rooted with its tourmaline ceramic plates that generate infrared energy and helps in maintaining the hair’s overall health. In addition, the product comes with argan oil that helps further nourish your hair prior to and after ironing. This product comes with more than 30 different heat settings and a max temperature of 455 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for your fine hair.

  1. Studio Therma Luxe Wide Hair Straightener by REMINGTON (Pro Series S9130PT)

Aside from versatility, this flat iron by Remington is known for being relatively bulkier than other competitors in the market. Also, it is tested and proven to be safe, making it a favorite of many users because it shuts off automatically after 1 hour of not being used.

You can also choose from the 30 different settings of heat that allows you to choose the best temperature that will not damage your hair, but without compromising your desired hairstyle. Since it is a wider version of other hair irons, you can use it to manage fly-aways and frizz of large hair portions.

With a cord that swivels at 360 degrees and a comfortable ergonomically perfected design, what is not to love? Not to mention that you can save a lot of time since it almost instantly turns up the heat. Finally, it comes with a travel pouch, so you can carry this anywhere you go.


  1. Professional Straight Iron by RUSK Engineering

The temperature range of the hair flat iron by Rusk is between 280 and over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This ceramic product is infused with titanium. It is effective for use with any hair length, straightening even the finest of hair, leaving it shiny and silky.

Best of all, the Rusk Engineering hair iron is a product of choice by professional hairstylists. So if you want to have that professional touch in managing your fine hair, this might be the hair straightener for you.

Type 2 Wavy Hair

Flat irons are the most “demonized” hair styling tools because they are believed to destroy hair irreversibly. According to studies though, this is not the case, for as long as you use the most efficient ones.

If you have wavy hair, it is best for you to reassess the iron you are using right now. Just like in the previous section, there are three specific and top-rated recommendations that you might find useful in finding a replacement for your old heat styling tool.


Flat Irons for Type 2 Wavy Hair 

Dubbed as the press iron that is best used for managing bumps that are challenging to reach, this product by Drybar is also a proof that looks can be deceiving. It might look very small at first, but its power should not be underestimated.

It is best for short and wavy hair because of its size. There is not a portion of your hair – even the bangs or hard to reach bumps – that you will miss. It also is shipped with a heat pad that doubles as a travel pouch, making it ideal as your carry-on companion.

With a peak temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit, this is perfect for wavy hair. Also, it only needs twenty seconds to reach that temperature, making it easy and convenient for everyday use.

You might be wondering why they picked 365 degrees, while other brands brag of max temperature of over 400 degrees. According to GHD’s research, their max temperature is most efficient for hairstyling while inflicting the least damage possible to the hair.

Again, this is another product considered to be a favorite by hairstyling professionals. With a peak temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and digitally selected heat settings, this product by Paul Mitchell also brags about its capability to evenly heat the hair while styling.

How is it able to perfectly and evenly heat the hair? It has titanium plates that carry a microchip in the isotherm. This microchip is responsible for checking the iron’s temperature fifty times every second.

This is also known for its safety feature. You can set it to automatically shut down after 1 to 120 minutes of non-active use.


Type 3 Curly Hair

If your hair is curly, then you might find it challenging to straighten your hair. Flat irons with wider-than-usual plates are the best way to go since they give a better grip, and at the same time, a larger portion of the hair is straightened at a time.

Flat Irons for Type 3 Curly Hair 

The maximum temperature that can be reached by this flat iron is 400 degrees Fahrenheit generated via ceramic tourmaline plates. This is perfect for managing those curly hair because the material is perfect for evenly distributing heat through larger volumes of hair.

It is also perfect for travelers because of its compact size and design, the carry-on purse, and of course, the voltage setting that is compatible anywhere around the world. Now you don’t have to worry that you might ruin your flat iron just because you forgot to bring your voltage converter.

Another hair flat iron from the professional tier, this product by HSI claims to keep your curly hair straight and manageable for hours! With its Heat Balance microsensors, this professional glider and hair straightener keeps the heat settings in check, avoiding hair damage in the process.

The secret lies in even distribution. Especially with thick and curly hair, uneven heat distribution can lead to hair damage. In addition, this iron by HSI is made with tourmaline and ceramic crystal-ion plates. With its unique heat induction, there is no need for you to hold the hair with the iron for prolonged periods!

Check it out as this is considered to be a versatile choice with a temperature range of 140 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and a dual voltage setting that works well with both 110 and 220 V setting.


Extra wide plates are a main feature to look for if you are going to use a flat iron for curly hair. The product by XTAVA has extra wide floating plates, which are around 2 inches each. The plates are made of tourmaline and ceramic materials.

The heat is transferred to the hair via infrared, which according to researches and tests, help avoid hair damage. While other similar flat iron products ship complementary oils, this infrared technology developed by XTAVA naturally extracts oil from the shafts of the hair, giving extra moisture and leading to a more healthy-looking hair.

With a heat range between 265 - 445 degrees Fahrenheit, and ten pre-set temperature options, you can easily set up your choices via the digital LCD display.


Type 4 Kinky Hair

Kinky hair are the hardest to straighten out and will often require more power from your flat iron. It should be capable of having higher temperature settings so that you can limit the straightening routine to a maximum of two strokes. Using hair straighteners with lower temperature settings can only lead to damaged hair cuticles, as you will need use multiple strokes.


Flat Irons for Type 4 Kinky Hair 

Here are some of the most popular choices online for flat irons for kinky hair:

The Nano Titanium flat iron by Croc is unique in many ways, but what stands out is its curved notch that keeps the two plates apart, allowing for a more ergonomic grip. Nobody wants burnt skin in exchange for straight hair, right?

With its far infrared heat feature, the ceramic plates that are coupled with titanium makes sure that even the thickest and the curliest hair is left healthy looking and straight. Bragging of twenty-five different heat settings, Croc’s flat iron’s lowest heat setting is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It can go to a temperature as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are very particular about hygiene, this might be the product for you. This has nano silver technology that helps keep your flat iron sterilized and germ-free. Hence, you will not have to deal with odor again!


Even though you have thick and kinky hair that does not mean that it is immune to damage. What makes the Bio-Ionic One Pass really special and unique is its speed strips made of silicon. Instead of the metal directly touching your hair, there is a silicon lining that gives an extra layer of protection.

As the name of the product suggests, all you need is one pass! With each pass, aside from achieving that straight-looking hair, you also activate your hair’s natural healing properties because the flat iron encourages the release of healthy minerals.

  • Revolutionary One-Step Styler and Straightener by FURIDEN

With a stylish ergonomic design, this hair straightener by Furiden is preferred by professional hairstylists and ordinary women alike!  It is a great option because aside from the perfect hand grip, it also helps you save time because it only takes 15 seconds to reach the preferred heat level. With temperature ranging between 250 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you can choose the higher heat settings to manage your thick and kinky hair.

This top-rated hair iron is chosen by many due to its practicality. With a swivel that can swivel 360 degrees, you never have to worry about tangled cords while styling again. Speaking of the cord, Furiden’s One-Step Styler has a cord that is 97 inches long, so you can reach the mirror without an issue.

Conclusion and Key Take Away's

Invest in the right hair straightener. Keep in mind that a good flat iron will last for many years. With the right specifications, it will not only keep your hair well-styled every single day, it will also prevent damage. The best ones will even help in making your hair healthier.

While price might be an issue, it should not be your major criterion. Remember that the best investments might be a bit pricey, but sure it will be all worth it.


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