The Quick Fix to Boring and Ineffective Facebook Ads

The advertising secret to billion dollar success that no one ever told you about.

"Lemonade for Sale"

I'm pretty sure the lemonade stall itself had higher value than my actual income back then when I was a kid, but I dare not say it to my mother who took it upon herself to market my product by sending a quick text to her friends. I had the freshest of lemons, the colorful cups, and all of the lost ice of Antarctica. 50¢ for a cup wasn't bad at all, except, well, everyone who came were either relatives, friends, or neighbors, so I didn't charge most of them. My mom asked an uncle of mine to build me a lemonade stand just a few steps away from our porch to teach me basic entrepreneurship. I initially tried to dissuade her for three reasons; one, we lived in a private subdivision, where you had to have a sticker which indicates that you're a homeowner to enter; two, our house is in a secluded area at the very back; and three, none of my 'customers' really liked lemonade.

There were three things I learned that day;

One, you could be selling the best thing known to the whole of mankind but if you don't know how to properly advertise it, no one will buy it.

Two, you got to put your product out there. This is related to number one, though. But it's true; you're not going to get that far from your porch.

Three, my mother wasn't a marketing graduate.

Setting the lemonade story aside, did you know that the estimated number of active Facebook users per month is 2.2 billion? Now, if I were to continue trying out my luck in the lemon juicing industry, I won't just be sending uniform text messages to every name in my contact list. I'm going to log into my Facebook account and create a page for my product. Then, I'm going to create a visual advertisement with a collage of lemons, and pay Facebook to advertise my product to as much people as possible, popping up into their news feed as they scroll around (The average person spends around 40 minutes on Facebook, not counting the digital nomads who practically breathe for likes). Sounds easy enough, right? So does that mean I'm going to be the P.T. Barnum of lemons? Nope. I would just be wasting my insufficient income making an investment with no return and go back to my ice cold, freshly squeezed lemonade giveaway in our neighborhood.

Why is that?

It's not the poor ad's fault. Okay, it could be. According to statistics, Facebook video ads receive 10 to 30 percent more views and are 11 times more likely to pop up in news feeds. An engaging video ad that tugs at the viewer's heartstrings or ignites a sense of excitement within them has a higher chance of being liked, shared, and commented on, compared to a picture.

"But I don't know how to edit videos."

You've probably seen experts use a variety of video-editing software such as Adobe, Cyberlink, PowerDirector, and even Windows Movie Maker(Rest in Peace).

And they all looked equally complicated and hard.

It could take you days to learn how things go around. And then more days to actually begin editing a video. And then more days, because you did something wrong and now you have to do it all over again. You haven't even gotten to the music part yet.

Whoops, there goes my hundred bucks. Another investment with no return.

What you need is something easy, something less time consuming, and something cheap because we all know you've invested too much and gained too little.

Fortunately, VideoMakerFX is back in the market due to high demand and I cannot stress enough how easy this software is to master.

It's for kids. Except the result is parallel to that of Burger King's, The New York Times', Instagram's, and other companies known to make spectacular and compelling ads.

Go check it out at I promise you, it's the best thing at the best price.

Going back to the topic, your ad's failure isn't always because it's so boring people couldn't even spare a glance at it.

It's because you don't need to market your product to a broad audience, you need to market it to the right audience.

If you were a 12-year-old kid who competes with his friends in Dragon City, would you click on a lemon ad? You won't.

Advertising your product to ten passionate people is much better than advertising it to 500 disinterested ones.

Facebook does a bit of this targeting audience stuff.

With Facebook Ads, businesses can select audiences by location, demographics, interests and more. There's a continuous growth in terms of Facebook users, so why not advertise your product or service here where everyone could see it without even having to leave your seat?

It's easy to set up, the interface is simple and very user-friendly. Among its competitors, I guarantee you that this is as easy as social media advertising gets. All you have to do is sign up for a Facebook Business Manager account, input your details, enter your payment credentials, and you're rolling!

You can now create Facebook ad campaigns and monitor their performance as well as target many audiences. You choose where you place your ad, how much you'll spend on it, and what type of ad it'll be.

The most important feature that Facebook Ads possess is the ability to choose your audience! With the Audience Manager, you can target the people who you want to see your ad by typing an interest, a demographic, a behavior, and/or a location that matches the prospective buyers of your product/service.

The interests are based on Facebook users’ likes and interests, apps they use, pages they’ve liked, and more. Adding more than one interest will target people with at least one of them so you’ll make your reach broader.

So, you can't put lemon and juice, but you can put lemon or juice. It could be more effective if Facebook had an 'and' option but, oh well. Leave it to luck to find people who are interested in everything you put there. As you click on the Demographics tab, you’ll get plenty of targeting topics to refine your audience based on many options.

A few examples are age, gender, language, education, politics, life events, and more. Behavior-based targeting allows you to target people by purchase history, events they like, personal anniversaries, etc. Lastly, location-based targeting allows you to target people in specific locations. You could choose to target everyone in that location, or just those who live there, who were recently there, and who are traveling there. It's up to you.

Does that make Facebook the best advertising platform there is?

It's the easiest, but not the best.

You rarely reach your target audience with Facebook ads. The interest-based targeting feature of Facebook Ads doesn't allow you to precisely laser target your audience. Most of the time, your product can't be advertised to one specific group solely.

You have to combine interests. If I were selling Call of Duty, I want people who are interested in games and shooting to see my ad, not people who are just interested in games or people who are just interested in wars. The demographics that Facebook provide is still quite vague, too. That's the downside of Facebook Ads. They target audiences, but it's still pretty broad.

In fact, Procter & Gamble Co., the company behind consumer goods such as detergents, toothpastes, fabric softeners, paper towels, and more, declared the targeting audience feature of Facebook Ads as ineffective and have stopped using it! See, you should have one goal with your advertisement, and that is to get the most reach with interested prospects, not just any prospects. Additionally, the demographics should provide more in-depth information about the audience you want to reach.

You don't have to give up on Facebook Ads, however, because it's still the most popular social media platform with an estimated number of 2.2 billion active users monthly. Here's what you need to increase your click-through rate and your return on investment with Facebook Ads:


  • Intersection Targeting

Like in my Call of Duty example, I want people who are interested in both games and shooting to see my ad, not people who are just interested in games, and not people who are just interested in wars. I need their interests to intersect, to have a higher CTR and ROI. The target interests are so specific, you're getting the perfect audience for your business.

  • Exclusion Targeting

So I'm targeting wars, but I definitely don't mean the actual war! I'm targeting gamers. I don't want government and military interests to mingle with my target. Hence, I should exclude them. This feature allows you to exclude people from your target audience, especially if you know that they won't find your product/service appealing.

  • In-depth Demographics (including education level, school, job title, employer)

Is your product for doctoral graduates or for high school students? Do you think Yallies will purchase from you? What about veterinarians? Maybe employees of Procter & Gamble Co. could benefit from your product/service. These minute details could make all the difference.

  • Advanced Targeting

I'm targeting an audience who has access to a gaming console. Particularly PlayStation. Particularly PlayStation 4. With advanced targeting, you can freely be particular.

  • Audience Size Estimates in Real Time

Estimating your audience size in real time will let you know if you've narrowed down your target too much and if you're really reaching the right audience, right after you've just put your ad up.

  • Functional Behavioral Options

Who've made a purchase from your business before? Who've made related purchases? You'll be able to exactly pinpoint your target audience's behavior with well-thought-out marketing-related behavioral patterns.


"Uh, yeah, you just listed everything I can't do with Facebook Ads."


But wait – who says you can't?

Social Interest Freak is the number one Facebook Audience Targeting Software Tool that can bring you a laser-targeted audience of up to 7.4 million in under 60 seconds with just a few clicks.

No advertising agencies, no middlemen. That's the only thing you need to up your game in the advertising world.

Without Social Interest Freak, you may as well forget about social media advertising and go follow the footsteps of Procter & Gamble.

It's not just the frosting to the cake, it's the freaking sugar.

It gives you access to Facebook's Intersection Technology. It allows you to exclude people you know won't buy your product. You can freely choose which kinds of people are to see your ad, who they are, what their background is. You can specify, and you can instantly have a rough number of your audience.

That doesn't stop there. What I'm about to tell you, has never been possible before.

Social Interest Freak has a Burst Mode feature that allows you to reach more people in your target audience instantly; your ad will be popping up in many news feeds at one time, perfect if you're using Facebook Live for advertising, whether it's for a product launch, a press conference, a grand opening, and more!

No more futile attempts to fumble with Facebook Ads' Audience Manager only to come back more broke than before.

No more countless articles, books, and blogs about how to improve your advertisement.

It's the version of Facebook Ads that you need and deserve.

Are you ready to be successful?

Compatible with PC/Mac

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