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There is no denying that social media has become an essential part of people’s lives. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family and friends, to catch up on the latest news and trends, to read about topics you’re interested in, to entertain yourself, or to discover new things, social media has become one of the ways you can connect to the world.

Of course, the popularity of social media has given rise to various opportunities for people and businesses to get their name out there and make the whole world know of the things they do. Many social media platforms have been tailored specifically to allow you to share your creations and your products. And Pinterest is one such platform.

Pinterest is where you can share and view images (or “pins” as they are known) that often link back to other websites. You can follow other users (known as “pinners”) as well as “boards” which are a compilation of pins, usually related to a specific topic.

So, what does Pinterest offer that other image-based social media platforms (such as Instagram) don’t in terms of the seller’s ability to market their products?

First, Pinterest makes your intended audience easier to find you since pins are sorted by topic. If your business is based on interior design, then pinners who are enthusiastic about or are looking for interior designers would obviously follow boards and topics related to interior design. It’s through this that they could easily discover your work.

Furthermore, you can do the reverse. Take the initiative and discover others who are also in your field — you can take inspiration from or work with them. After all, as Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said in an interview with Fortune magazine, Pinterest is a “catalog of ideas,” “a catalog that is hand-picked” for its users. With the social media platform’s sheer ease of navigation, you can expand and refine what vision you have for your business and your products.

Second, Pinterest Analytics makes it far more convenient for you to gather information about your current as well as potential customers, allowing you to make any adjustments if necessary. For example, you can view which pins of yours get the most clicks, repins, and “impressions” (the number of times your pin appeared on homepages or searches), thus providing you with crucial information on what content clicks with your audience. It can also show you which parts need improvement (i.e. pins that are not getting as many clicks as you intended) so that you can formulate a strategy for it. In short, the presentation of these simple analytics illustrates the current situation your business is in and gives you an opportunity to plan accordingly.

Lastly, and this is specifically for businesses that want to branch out, with the boards system you have the capacity to reach several different audiences through such a simple feature. As you will typically place pins of similar topic in a board, you can create several boards of different topics catering to different audiences. Take the interior design business as an example again. Say you have already have several boards dedicated to interior design and that you have expanded your business to include landscaping. How do you market this? Simple: Just create another board dedicated to your landscaping work! In line with the first point, Pinterest’s algorithms will work its magic and you will find your new audience in no time.

To summarize, Pinterest is the best social media marketing platform for your business because it makes it very easy for your intended audience to find you through the boards, topics, and pinners they follow. Add to that the opportunity to grow and get inspiration from others who are also in your field. It is also easy to gather information about your audience so you can plan and strategize based on what interests your audience the most. You can learn what kind of content resonates well with your audience and what doesn't based on the amount of clicks and repins as well as see what is the most clicked on and most repinned pins. Finally, you have the capacity to reach several diverse audiences should you choose to branch out and try new things with the platform’s highly intuitive boards system.

Boost Your Business With Tailwind

With all that said, you know what will make your Pinterest marketing experience even better? Tailwind. It is a collection of tools that can help you manage your pins as well as provide analytics to complement the ones generated by Pinterest’s. It has features that revolve around scheduling, insights and monitoring, and analytics, all of which are here to help you market your business more effectively.

Efficient Scheduling

Among the features covered under scheduling is the Tailwind browser extension. This allows you to schedule pins from any website via a button that appears usually at the top right or the bottom left of an image. This goes for any image on any page on the Web. Upon clicking the button, the image goes to a drafts page where you can add more images if you want, select a board (or boards) you want add them in, and schedule a date and time when the pin will be published.

Another feature is the Smart Calendar, which helps you optimize your publishing schedule by letting you know at what time your audience is most active.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

The second part of Tailwind revolves around insights and monitoring. Through these features you can learn what pinners are discussing about your business, identify specific keywords used that have generated buzz in order to optimize your SEO (search engine optimization), quickly see the most popular pins around, and see how well you perform vis-à-vis your competitors. The details provided by these features are crucial if you intend to surpass your competition since all the information can serve as a basis for your business’ marketing game plan.

Enhanced Marketing Strategy

Lastly, Tailwind provides features related to analytics. While this may seem redundant at first, since Pinterest has its own analytics, you will quickly find out that Tailwind analytics provide their own set of data that will be relevant to your Pinterest marketing strategy. Through Tailwind analytics, you can do the following: gauge how well a pin, board, or topic is performing; learn about how much followers you are gaining; and identify the demographic of your audience. All of these information are important for you to know who your audience is, their level of engagement to your brand, and if a new strategy is necessary.

Tailwind allows you to optimize your schedule, make use of your time efficiently, gauge what is currently appealing to the userbase, and gather and have an in-depth look at all the statistics to check if any tweaks need to be made in your marketing strategy. Added together, all these will massively help improve your marketing through Pinterest.

Tailwind is a prime example of the adage “work smart, not hard.” With Tailwind, you can ramp up your productivity for a fraction of the effort you exert doing so manually, all for an affordable price. Overall, Tailwind enhances your already amazing social media marketing experience in Pinterest. Check it out Tailwind— the app offers a free trial for first-time users with no credit card required.


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