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5 DIY Hair Detanglers for Type 4 Natural Hair

Type 4 Hair is more commonly known as kinky or Afro hair. Although anyone can have their hair done in a curly or Afro style, black Americans tend to be born with it. Being coily, type 4 hair is prone to developing tangles and frizz. It has 3 subtypes: 4A, 4B, and 4C. Type 4A Type 4A has dense, tight coils of hair. The hair stands make an S pattern. Having fewer cuticle layers, type 4A hair strands break more easily. This subtype retains the most moisture out of all the 4’s. Because of this, thicker emollients like products with creams or butters are ideal for this type. Type 4B Type 4B carries Z-shaped angles that are not as defined...

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How To Grow and Care for Type 4C Natural Hair

A lot of women who have 4c hair are sometimes under the impression that their kind of hair can be quite difficult to grow. Believing this, some may not spend time to nurture it. They may use improper care techniques. They may neglect their hair. Some may simply use hair extensions or wigs to cover their tresses. However, it IS quite possible to grow 4c hair. If you use the right techniques for its care and maintenance, you can even speed up its growth. You simply have to be patient and take the time to understand the nature of your hair. Take care of it the right way and you will have healthy hair growth.     What is 4c...

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Top 5 Best Moisturizers For Type 4C Hair

Hair types are commonly identified as “straight,” “curly,” “thick,” or “thin.” But there’s a hair typing system that can determine your exact type of hair. The different types range from 1A to 4C. HAIR TYPES Type 1 Hair Type 1 hair is straight. Asian people are usually categorized to have Type 1 hair. Hair that’s fine, thin, and soft is Type 1A. Hair that has more body than Type 1A is considered Type 1B. Straight hair that’s coarse and resistant to styling is Type 1C. Type 2 Hair Type 2 hair is wavy but isn’t too oily or too dry. Type 2A hair is easy to style because the strands are thin and fine. Hair that curls to the shape...

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