• The Surprising Secret to Creating Oil-less Hair

    The Surprising Secret to Creating Oil-less Hair
    Your skin and scalp have sebaceous glands that produce oil or sebum. Sebum keeps your skin properly hydrated, supple, and healthy. It also gives your hair its healthy shine. When your scalp produces excess sebum, however, your hair becomes greasy. Overproduction of sebum by the scalp is one of the leading oily hair causes.   Oily Hair Causes Other factors include: Hormonal changes The...
  • 15 Shampoo Lessons That Will Pay Off

    15 Shampoo Lessons That Will Pay Off
    A bad hair day is a nightmare. No matter how great your outfit or skin looks, having bad hair can break your entire look. Here are some of the top hair problems that you wouldn’t want to get: Hair lice Alopecia (hair loss) Hair fall Hair odor Dandruff Dry hair Hair breakage Oily hair Split ends Some of these problems have serious underlying causes...
  • A Quick Guide to Shampoo

    A Quick Guide to Shampoo
    Usually, you wouldn’t think of using another shampoo brand unless your hair becomes dull and dry because of the shampoo you use. But it is important to understand the different types of shampoo available. More than buying products by scent and price, you will be able to easily choose what type of shampoo suited for your hair type.   3 Different Hair Types Your...
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