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How to Get Defined Curls for Men

Curly hair doesn’t have to be a big frizzy mess. All it takes to get defined curls is to understand what curly hair is. It will also help to know the products that can keep it manageable and in style.   What Is Curly Hair? Curly hair results from having asymmetrical hair follicles. These follicles make oval-shaped hair that curls into a definite S-shape. Some curls look like loose loops, while others appear as tight corkscrews. The looseness or tightness of the hair strands determine the type of curls. There are three types of curly hair. These are 3A, 3B, and 3C. 3A strands, like those of Josh’s Groban, are large, loose rings. They are shiny but tend to frizz...

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