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15 Shampoo Lessons That Will Pay Off

A bad hair day is a nightmare. No matter how great your outfit or skin looks, having bad hair can break your entire look. Here are some of the top hair problems that you wouldn’t want to get: Hair lice Alopecia (hair loss) Hair fall Hair odor Dandruff Dry hair Hair breakage Oily hair Split ends Some of these problems have serious underlying causes that only a medical treatment can fix. But, some of these are preventable by proper care and maintenance. LESSON #1 Rinse and soak your hair with lukewarm water Before applying shampoo to your hair, it’s important to let it soak for at least a minute. It’s also crucial that you use lukewarm water. This will open...

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Top 10 Healthy Hair Care Regimen Tips for Men

Don’t think that if you’re a guy, you should just be contented with wash and wear hair. Your hair is your crowning glory and also says a lot about your hygiene. Men’s and women’s hair care regimens are almost similar. The slight differences may be due to men’s more active lifestyle and that they always keep their hair short. The hair care products that men and women use also affect the hair quality. However, men’s and women’s hair are just the same. Therefore, men should care for their men as much as women do. Top 10 Hair Mistakes Most men feel that they just need to wash their hair, dry it off and they’re good to go. However, your daily...

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