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Caring for Your Kinky Hair: The Best Hair Products for Black Men

People with kinky hair know that it can have a mind of its own in some days. The most difficult thing about having kinky hair is that it isn’t uniform in its kinkiness. A lot of people have more than one hair curl pattern in certain parts of their scalp. Most of these hair curl patterns may be prone to frizz and other hair damages. Hair problems can be too much sometimes that finding the right hair products can be challenging. You do not have to worry, though, as there are a lot of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products you can use for your kinky hair. Lots of products are made to help kinky hair shine and look healthy. Many...

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The Right Products for Men with Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is in. Just look at the handsome locks of Zac Efron, Johnny Depp, Patrick Dempsey, Orlando Bloom, and Harry Styles. Whether it be filming for their latest Hollywood project, making a red carpet appearance, or running errands on a regular day, these gents confidently sport their beautiful wavy hair, and they never fail to impress. While these A-listers make living with wavy hair seem easy, it is not so with most men. Wavy hair has the characteristics of both straight and curly hair types. Not sleek straight or ringlet curly, wavy hair forms an S-shape as it grows. This makes wavy hair tricky to manage. Many people complain of unmanageable, dry, and frizzy waves. The good news is,...

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Great Men’s Hair Products for Fine Hair

Knowing your hair type is the first step to proper hair care. Choosing great men’s hair products is only possible if you know what type of hair you have. For men with fine hair, for instance, it is important to understand that fine hair is different from thin hair. Fine hair and thin hair are different qualities of hair. It is possible for someone to have both qualities at the same time. It is also possible that someone would have fine, but thick hair. It refers to the quality of the diameter of the hair strand. The diameter is about a third of the size of a regular sewing thread. It is often difficult to see one strand of fine...

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