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Choosing the Best Shea Moisture Shampoo for Your Type of Hair

Shea Moisture offers different types of shampoos that target a specific hair type or problem. Here are some of the best Shea Moisture Shampoos that you can choose from.   Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo The shampoo can bring life back to hair that needs intensive hydration. It has nutrients that can make your hair soft and shiny as it cleans thoroughly. It contains baobab, mafura, honey, and certified organic shea butter, which are blended to create restorative oils that can help soften and revitalize the hair. It also contains African rock fig. Features The baobab oil helps eliminate dullness and revitalize your hair. The African rock fig can help restore your hair and make it frizz-free...

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How Can I Moisturize My Hair Naturally?

While we all aspire to have rich, lustrous hair, there are moments when we simply cannot do anything to avoid a bad hair day. Watching those enviable models’ hair on TV ads, one would wonder if it is real. Can you really achieve that kind of effect on your hair? The answer is yes. Common hair problems Is your hair healthy? You can easily answer this question if you know how to spot the most common hair problems and their symptoms. Spilt ends. This hair problem is very common and caused by dryness and brittleness. Once your hair becomes dry and brittle, it damages your hair cuticles, resulting to split ends. Early symptoms of split ends are knots and tangles...

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5 DIY Hair Conditioners for Moisture and Protection

Creating your own DIY Hair Conditioner is better than using store-bought hair products. The chemical ingredients of commercial conditioners can only add more damage to your beautiful tresses. On the other hand, using organic ingredients in making DIY conditioners will ensure you that your hair becomes even shinier, healthier and stronger. Below are some of the best recipes for DIY conditioners. These are all pretty simple to make so even newbies can easily create their own.   Recipe #1: Conditioner for Dry Hair You can create this natural hair conditioner at home anytime. With the combination of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, the conditioner will promote blood circulation within your scalp area and keep your hair moisturized. Moreover, the...

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