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What are the Most Common Types of Alopecia?

One of the common hair problems is alopecia, which refers to an autoimmune disorder characterized by hair loss. An autoimmune disorder occurs when the immune system negatively affects a specific system in the body. In the case of alopecia, the immune system attacks the hair follicles, which lead to uprooting of hair. The hair loss attributed to alopecia is usually in the form of clumps or circles. The extent of hair loss depends on the strength of hair follicles. It may contribute to partial or total hair loss.   Main Types of Alopecia Alopecia areata It is a type of alopecia characterized by several coin-sized patches with irregular shape. These patches may be found on the scalp or any part...

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Stop Hair Loss Now: Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss & Reversing the Process

Hair loss is a devastating condition that can affect both men and women, no matter their ages. Currently, there are an estimated 35 million American men and 21 million American Women suffering some degree of hair loss. Not only is hair loss an unsightly progression, it is also an emotionally trying affliction that can result in low self-esteem, reduced self-confidence and can even indicate an underlying health condition depending on the hair loss causes. A trip to your local Mass Market Retailer will reveal boxes and boxes of ‘cures’ – the kind that promise hair loss reversal and regrowth, no matter the reason behind the falling follicles. Yet attempting to treat hair loss topically without discovering the root cause of...

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Hair Growth Secrets: How to Naturally Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Long hair had been prized in many societies and throughout cultures worldwide. In ancient times, long hair was a sign of prestige and status, and while today most have moved away from that mark, many still consider long, lustrous hair a hallmark of beauty. Unfortunately, actually growing out those locks can take years – and for many, it is process fraught with split ends, stagnant growth and frustration. If you are also experiencing hair loss, then your journey is doubly difficult and without knowledge of unique fast hair growth secrets, your wish for long hair may never come to pass. Luckily, those Fast Hair Growth Secrets can be found in ‘Hair Growth Secrets: How to Naturally Grow your Hair Longer...

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