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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Hair loss – many are ashamed by it, many more are troubled by it. Hair loss or alopecia affects 2/3rds of American males aged 35 and above. And it’s not just men; women experience hair loss from a number of reasons, too. And while surgery such as hair implants exist, they can be far too expensive for something that can be considered as vanity. Fortunately, there are some promising alternative solutions to regrow thinning hair. The most popular of these is castor oil, a thick, viscous bean oil that had been used for centuries for beauty rituals. But what exactly is castor oil and how do you use it for hair growth?       What is Castor Oil? Castor...

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5 DIY Honey Hair Masks

Going to salon to get a hair treatment can become too costly nowadays. To avoid spending so much money on chemical treatments, you may want to check out the list of hair care procedures below instead. These can be done at home using honey and other ingredients you can simply grab from your kitchen.  Here are five different ones to fit different hair needs: 1. DIY Honey Hair Mask for Dull Hair Is your hair dull and lifeless? This DIY hair mask can be your solution to have a shiny and lively hair. Ingredients: 2 eggs – egg is very effective in moisturizing dull and dry hair, especially the yolk. 1 cup honey – honey has many minerals and vitamins...

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Hair Growth Secrets: How to Naturally Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Long hair had been prized in many societies and throughout cultures worldwide. In ancient times, long hair was a sign of prestige and status, and while today most have moved away from that mark, many still consider long, lustrous hair a hallmark of beauty. Unfortunately, actually growing out those locks can take years – and for many, it is process fraught with split ends, stagnant growth and frustration. If you are also experiencing hair loss, then your journey is doubly difficult and without knowledge of unique fast hair growth secrets, your wish for long hair may never come to pass. Luckily, those Fast Hair Growth Secrets can be found in ‘Hair Growth Secrets: How to Naturally Grow your Hair Longer...

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