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Top 5 Hair Dryers for Naturally Curly Hair

Having curly hair has its ups and downs. Some people love and embrace their natural curly locks. But, others seem to have a hard time accepting them. Knowing the type of curly hair you have can be the key for you to learn how to manage it well. Based on the hair type classification, curly hair may be Type 2, 3, or 4. Under these types, there are sub-categories like 2a and 3c. The most difficult to manage are probably Type 3a up to 4c hair. Type 3 hair ranges from tight to loose loops. Some can have a sheen, but they’re highly prone to frizzing. Type 4 hair is more commonly called kinky hair. This type of hair has...

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Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

The hair dryer has become a basic necessity for those who like to make sure that their hair looks good. But choosing the right one for their hair has become a delightful dilemma for consumers because there are lots of hair dryers to choose from in the market today. To help you decide, here are tips on the basic features and characteristics of various kinds of hair dryers.   Features and characteristics of a hair dryer 1. Wattage Wattage is the amount of electricity or energy used by a hair dryer. Simply put, this indicates of the strength of the gadget. A high watt means the dryer can generate strong heat. Experts advise that it is safer for consumers to...

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