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5 DIY Hair Detanglers for Type 4 Natural Hair

Type 4 Hair is more commonly known as kinky or Afro hair. Although anyone can have their hair done in a curly or Afro style, black Americans tend to be born with it. Being coily, type 4 hair is prone to developing tangles and frizz. It has 3 subtypes: 4A, 4B, and 4C. Type 4A Type 4A has dense, tight coils of hair. The hair stands make an S pattern. Having fewer cuticle layers, type 4A hair strands break more easily. This subtype retains the most moisture out of all the 4’s. Because of this, thicker emollients like products with creams or butters are ideal for this type. Type 4B Type 4B carries Z-shaped angles that are not as defined...

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5 Hair Detangling Recipes You Absolutely Need to Try

We go great lengths to stand out: putting on makeup, wearing designer clothes, and undergoing beauty treatments. The hair is one aspect of beauty everyone looks out for. It is, as they all say, “one’s crowning glory”. Keeping hair hip and chic is troublesome, especially when one basks under the sun for long periods. Getting hair treatments at expensive salons may do the job but notice how these chemical treatments don’t seem to last. How do you address damaged, frizzy, tangled, dry, dull, thin hair? The list of hair problems is endless! It is time to adapt a more natural hair care routine with this one essential ingredient found at home: banana. Banana is known for its countless health benefits....

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