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DIY Recipes To Grow Natural Hair Faster and Thicker

A person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. Anything more than this could mean you are suffering from an early stage of hair loss or alopecia. About 10 percent of the hair at any given time is on its resting phase. Resting phase means the hair will fall out naturally to give room for new hair to grow. To test if you are losing hair more than the usual average, you can try pulling about 60 strands of your hair then run your fingers through and see how many strands of hair will fall through. If over 10 percent of the 60 strands fall, then you are most likely suffering from hair loss or alopecia. Detecting Early...

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Hair Growth Secrets: How to Naturally Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Long hair had been prized in many societies and throughout cultures worldwide. In ancient times, long hair was a sign of prestige and status, and while today most have moved away from that mark, many still consider long, lustrous hair a hallmark of beauty. Unfortunately, actually growing out those locks can take years – and for many, it is process fraught with split ends, stagnant growth and frustration. If you are also experiencing hair loss, then your journey is doubly difficult and without knowledge of unique fast hair growth secrets, your wish for long hair may never come to pass. Luckily, those Fast Hair Growth Secrets can be found in ‘Hair Growth Secrets: How to Naturally Grow your Hair Longer...

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