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5 Effective Essential Oils and DIY Recipes for Curly Hair

Frizzy, dry and tangled hair. These are the common complaints we get for having curls.With tons of hair products available on the market, only one solution stands out. The answer to all curly hair issues? Essential oil application. Essential oils are extracted from plants. Each essential oil contains properties from the plant it. Each oil has different chemicals.The Molecules of essential oils have the ability to penetrate the cell in just a matter of minutes. This is a good reason why using them is great for curls.They are volatile when exposed to air. If combined with carrier oil, natural oils improve absorption.   How to Get Essential Oils from Plants: There are 3 methods in collecting essential oils. Steam Distillation-...

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Essential Oils: Top 5 DIY Recipes for Hair Growth

Are you suffering from dry and damaged hair? Do you feel anxious every time you see excessive hair fall or when you observe that your hair doesn’t grow the way you expect it? Essential oils can rescue you from these problems. Using them as part of your routine can bring new hope for your hair.   What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from plants. They require cold pressing or distillation to retain their purity as natural oils and the natural aroma or flavor of the plants. Moreover, they are popular around the world for their fragrance, health benefits, and other uses. They are also commonly used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a natural remedy to improve...

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5 DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Damaged Hair

The use of essential oils dates back more than three thousand years ago. The Ebers papyrus, which was written approximately 1500 BCE, contains recipes and instructions on the use of fine oil as perfume and medicine. One of the common uses of essential oils is for hair care. Different essential oils benefit the hair in different ways.   What Causes Hair Damage? Apart from the harsh sun and air pollution, you might be doing other damaging things to your hair. Here are some of them. Frequent Washing – Just the act of wetting your hair makes it more susceptible to damage. When hair is wet, it becomes easier to break because of the swelling of the shaft. Adding shampoo to...

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