• 3 Creative Ways to Fix Dry Hair

    3 Creative Ways to Fix Dry Hair
    You don’t have to worry about dry hair unless you care about being presentable. Some people may or may not notice when your tresses are in good condition. However, a dull and frizzy mane will attract attention for the wrong reasons. Imagine eating in a posh restaurant or attending a corporate event with unruly hair. The people around will likely give you the look....
  • 5 DIY Honey Hair Masks

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    5 DIY Honey Hair Masks
    Going to salon to get a hair treatment can become too costly nowadays. To avoid spending so much money on chemical treatments, you may want to check out the list of hair care procedures below instead. These can be done at home using honey and other ingredients you can simply grab from your kitchen.  Here are five different ones to fit different hair needs:...
  • 5 DIY Hair Conditioners for Moisture and Protection

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    5 DIY Hair Conditioners for Moisture and Protection
    Creating your own DIY Hair Conditioner is better than using store-bought hair products. The chemical ingredients of commercial conditioners can only add more damage to your beautiful tresses. On the other hand, using organic ingredients in making DIY conditioners will ensure you that your hair becomes even shinier, healthier and stronger. Below are some of the best recipes for DIY conditioners. These are all...
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