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5 DIY Hair Conditioners for Moisture and Protection

Creating your own DIY Hair Conditioner is better than using store-bought hair products. The chemical ingredients of commercial conditioners can only add more damage to your beautiful tresses. On the other hand, using organic ingredients in making DIY conditioners will ensure you that your hair becomes even shinier, healthier and stronger. Below are some of the best recipes for DIY conditioners. These are all pretty simple to make so even newbies can easily create their own.   Recipe #1: Conditioner for Dry Hair You can create this natural hair conditioner at home anytime. With the combination of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, the conditioner will promote blood circulation within your scalp area and keep your hair moisturized. Moreover, the...

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5 DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipes

It’s amazing how you can use essential oils in making DIY Hair Conditioners. With the right mixture of essential oils, you can create your own serum and keep your hair healthy and strong – and still save money. Below are five effective serums that can help improve your hair’s growth and keep your scalp healthy. Recipe #1: Essential Oils Hair Growth Serum This hair growth serum includes grapeseed oil and jojoba oil. Grapeseed oil contains a lot of Vitamin E, which stimulates hair growth and promotes overall hair health. It also contains minerals, proteins, and linoleic acid that help hair look shiny. The Jojoba oil content of the serum will help to moisturize the scalp and prevent dandruff. Ingredients: 1...

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5 DIY Hair Masks with Egg for Your Crowning Glory

There is no doubting that eggs are nutritious and delicious to eat. They are enriched with this high-quality protein called albumin, also known as "egg white", and are also great sources of vitamins (D, B complex) and minerals (iron, zinc, copper). Furthermore, eggs are inexpensive and easily available. Not to mention that they are quite versatile, too! Among the many uses of eggs, the one that people often find to be just a little strange is for hair care. However, the use of egg masks is one of the world's oldest (surviving) hair rituals – and that’s how you know it actually works. The protein, vitamins, and minerals that eggs contain can naturally strengthen and condition our tresses. Haven't tried...

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