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DIY Hair Masks with Yogurt for Hair Damage

Hair damage is not something you should disregard. It can hamper self-confidence and if the problem is with nutrition, it’s crucial to take care of it immediately. Hair masks can help in naturally and safely restoring damaged hair. Yogurt as a main hair mask ingredient can have many benefits on the scalp and hair. This natural product also has many other benefits in the body. It has potent anti-fungal and anti-infective properties that protect against various infections. It also has calming and soothing effects that can help in reducing many inflammatory conditions. It also has rich nutrient profile that can nourish various organs, including the scalp and hair.  Causes of hair damage Many factors contribute to hair damage. Most of...

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5 DIY Avocado Hair Masks for Common Hair Problems

Avocado is proven to do wonders for hair care. Mixed with other natural ingredients, this ultra-nutritious fruit can become an effective treatment for common hair problems. Below are 5 DIY hair mask recipes using avocado as the primary ingredient. They are easy to make and safe to use as all the components are natural and can be bought from any supermarket. Each avocado hair mask recipe will last up to 3 months if refrigerated. 1. Avocado with Coconut Milk Hair Growth Booster This DIY hair growth mask also prevents hair fall. Avocado contains iron, biotin, and vitamins D that boost hair growth. Coconut milk keeps the hair healthy and strong. Almond oil provides hair glossiness.   Ingredients: Ripe avocado --...

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5 DIY Masks for Damaged Hair

A lot of hair products in the market are made from synthetic compounds. These usually result to irreparable hair damage. Using DIY hair masks for damaged hair might be the safest treatment. You don’t need to look far anymore! We have prepared a list of the top 5 DIY hair masks for damaged hair. Egg Homemade Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair Your dry and damaged hair badly needs protein. An egg is the most accessible source for that can fulfill this need. It also has lecithin, vitamins and micronutrients in addition to essential proteins and enzymes. Its moisturizing property fixes damaged hair. It also nourishes and strengthens weak hair, leaving all hair types smooth and silky. Ingredients 1 to 3...

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