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Tips for Selecting the Best Flat Iron for your Hair Type

What Kind of Flat Iron is Best for Your Hair Type? The hair is known to be the crowning glory. Everyone wants to sport healthy and well-polished hair, regardless of hair type. Using an electronic flat iron is one of the best-known shortcuts. Electronic flat iron, also known as hair straighteners, use plates that are heated to flatten each hair strand. For simplicity, there are four major hair types: fine hair (Type 1), wavy hair (Type 2), curly hair (Type 3), and kinky hair (Type 4). Mastery of each hair type is key to achieving straight, healthy-looking, and glossy hair. Each hair type has a corresponding flat iron appropriate to be used – selecting the correct flat iron for specific...

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Ceramic Vs. Titanium Flat Irons - Benefits and Risks To Natural Hair

The following article is the ultimate guide for hair straightening, no doubt. However, straightening isn’t the only thing you can do with your hair. The realm of hair care is vast and, surprisingly, not very expensive. A great way to delve into all that you can do with your hair to reach your hair goals effectively, would be to start with this hair care tutorial. Flat irons are amazing hair straightening tools. However, these flat irons should also be used according to hair types, which are: Type 1 (straight) – the most resilient hair type Type 2 (wavy) – it’s a mix of straight hair root and wavy tips Type 3 (curly) – hair strands are S-shaped Type 4 (kinky) – hair strands are tightly coiled Titanium and ceramic flat irons are two popular hair tools used by professional stylists. While ceramic and titanium make flat irons highly...

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