Stop Hair Loss Now: Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss & Reversing the Process

Hair loss is a devastating condition that can affect both men and women, no matter their ages. Currently, there are an estimated 35 million American men and 21 million American Women suffering some degree of hair loss. Not only is hair loss an unsightly progression, it is also an emotionally trying affliction that can result in low self-esteem, reduced self-confidence and can even indicate an underlying health condition depending on the hair loss causes. A trip to your local Mass Market Retailer will reveal boxes and boxes of ‘cures’ – the kind that promise hair loss reversal and regrowth, no matter the reason behind the falling follicles. Yet attempting to treat hair loss topically without discovering the root cause of the problem will produce lack luster results or no results at all. Hair loss causes can be traced back to many underlying issues, either hair loss from stress, hair loss anemia, genetics, stricture or even an undiagnosed disease.

While there is no over-night cure for Hair loss, understanding the causes behind it is the first step in Hair Loss Reversal. You CAN regrow your hair, naturally and safely, by understanding the science behind it.  The Hair Loss Black Book delves deeply into hair loss causes and addresses each and every one, from the root up. Backed by Science and Fact, this book can truly result in hair loss reversal, giving you back the full head of hair you crave.

Surprisingly, almost 90% of hair loss in both men and women is DHT related. DHT, also known as Dihydrotestosterone is a type of Super Concentrated testosterone that stimulates facial hair growth, deepens the voice and increases the sex drive. Normally, DHT is found in tiny amounts in the human body, yet sometimes other hormones enter the fray and transform this innocuous DHT into a powerful hormone that attacks and suffocates the hair follicle at its very base. This process eventually leads to the hair loss you may be fighting right now.

It IS possible to fight this battle – and win. DHT does not have to ruin your hair or your appearance. Proven methods with scientific backing provided in The Hair Loss Black Book will guide you to eventual hair loss reversal, in a no hype, no bull way. Your hair loss may be traced back to DHT, or you may be suffering from hair loss from stress or hair loss anemia. This book will help you understand YOUR root cause – and help you fight it.

A thick, lustrous head of hair IS possible, naturally, safely and far more affordably than any store-bought treatment can achieve.

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