Popular Hair Styling Tools to Add to Your Hair Styling Kit

Styling hair is a form of expression. It brings out the best in every person by increasing confidence levels and improving overall looks. Both men and women can benefit from styling hair.

In styling hair, people use different kinds of tools. Each tool has its use to achieve certain hairstyles. Here’s a basic list of hair styling tools and their uses.

Hair Iron

Hair irons use heat to structure hair. There are curling tongs to make curls and crimpers for creating large or small hair crimps. There are also straighteners to straighten hair.

Using a hair iron needs a lot of care. Some people put on protectors in different forms such as sprays or conditioners to protect hair from immense heat.

But, not everyone can master using hair irons. It may take time and practice to get the best results. Why not try using lace front wigs that already have curls to save time on curling?

For people who like to spice up their hairstyle often, a 2-in-1 product is the best option. This product from Horatii is both a straightener and curling iron in one.


Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is one of the essentials in hairstyling. It’s a device that needs electricity to work. It blows hot and/or cool air to hair. This helps speed up drying for quick styling.

It’s also useful for shaping hair when used with other tools. Old hairdryer models can be too harsh on the hair. That’s why newer models have amazing features for easier styling and hair protection.

This product from Dyson may not look like a conventional hairdryer. But, it’s lightweight and has negative ions which help lessen static in hair. Its versatility and features make it a great product for all hair types.


Hair Brush and Comb

Every person must have a hair brush and a comb. It’s not enough to only have one of them since they have different uses.

Typically, people with short hair don’t use hairbrushes. But, it’s important to have one especially when styling. A hairbrush is an important styling tool for both long and short hair. It’s often used together with a hairdryer.

This round hair brush from Olivia Garden is a great investment. It comes in different sizes. Also, it’s great for adding more shine and reduce flyaway and frizz.

Combs are usually used for detangling hair. They come in different sizes and designs. They’re also made from different materials. Combs can be wide-toothed or fine-toothed.

Wooden combs give the best results. They detangle hair without static. Onedor offers a two-comb set – one wide-toothed and one fine-toothed. They’re great for getting hair ready for styling.

Hair Rollers

For people who don’t want to use hot curling irons, hair rollers may be the best option. They’re used to create curls by attaching the rollers onto the hair. There are also different types of hair rollers.

There’s a type of hair roller, depending on the kind of hair, hairstyle to achieve, and lifestyle.

For instance, sponge and foam rollers are best for busy people. They can be attached at night. They’re softer compared to other rollers so it won’t be painful to sleep in them. They’re also great for keeping lace front wig curls intact before the main event.

Heated rollers can create quick curls. They come in various sizes that can create different types of curls. This type uses heat to create curls. It’s perfect for people who can’t seem to master using curling irons.


Hair Pins and Clips

Hair pins and clips may be small, but they’re also important tools when styling hair. They’re not only used as embellishments. They also help in keeping hair in place when styling.

There are different types of hairpins and clips.

Each of these hairpins and clips has specific purposes. For example, a claw clip holds a large portion of hair. This is useful when using a hair iron on small segments. It can hold the larger part, while the smaller portion is being styled.

An alligator clip is often found and used in hair salons. It’s also used to hold hair out of the way. It can hold a few strands of thin hair, as well as a lot of thick hair strands. It will depend on how properly it’s used.

Many hairpins and clips also come in beautiful designs and colors. These are often used to adorn styled hair. They’re also made from different materials. For styling, it’s best to use metal and plastic hairpins and clips.

This set of bobby pins by Meta-grip come in a 300-piece container. It’s great since the bobby pins can be stored neatly. Also, it’s useful for styling and holding styled hair in pain.


Hair Elastics

Hair elastics come in different colors and sizes. Men and women with long hair often use these. They’re used to hold the hair in place by gathering the hair and going around the hair.

There are also used for styling like creating braids. Cheap hair elastics are ones that are bare latex or rubber. These stay on the hair securely.

However, elastics covered in fabric are the best to use. Without a fabric layer, the elastic may become painful to remove and damage the hair.

These Goody Ouchless hair elastics don’t have metal parts that can damage hair. They also come in different colors that are perfect for different hairstyles and personalities. There are also great to use on lace front wigs without damaging them.



A headband is often made from cloth, metal, or plastic. It goes over the forehead and keeps the hair away from the face. It comes in a wide array of colors, designs, and styles.

It’s often used before styling hair when someone needs to do makeup first. But, certain hairstyles may find headbands useful.

For a clean look, a plain headband may go well with a straightened hair. For an everyday look, use one or two pieces of thin solid headbands with short volumized hair.


Hair Extensions and Wigs

Hair takes a long time to grow. That’s why short-haired people who want to get a quick long hairstyle can use hair extensions and wigs.

Hair extensions can help make hair longer. It’s also a great way to add volume to limp and thinning hair. They come in different colors and textures.

Wigs can be most helpful to people suffering from diseases like severe alopecia or hair loss. There are various types of wigs to choose from.

For people who just want to change their hairstyle for a short time, a lace front wig is the best choice.

Many hair extensions and wigs are now made with natural hair. There are also some made with synthetic hair. But, these won’t give the best natural look.

The great thing about natural hair extensions and wigs is that they can be styles as well. But, some wigs and extensions are already styled and cut. It will all depend on the person’s preference.




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