How to Start Your Own Tailwind Tribe

Looking to increase your traffic and sales to your beauty or other niche topic blog? Pinterest can be a great source of MASSIVE traffic for your website. It is a search engine where people can search and view your pins. However, pinning your content is somewhat difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, you will have less time for creating awesome content on your website. Tailwind is a good solution to your problem.


What is Tailwind Tribe?

Tailwind is a management tool created for Pinterest that will let you schedule your pins each day. It can curate good content featured on other websites and monitor your boards and pins as well. If you install the Tailwind browser extension, you can start scheduling your pins from different websites. Tribe is the new collaborative element added to Tailwind.


A Tribe in Tailwind refers to a cluster of Pinterest users who love sharing pins. In using Tailwind, you can join other tribes and make your own group too. A tribe is often centered around a specific topic, which means everyone in the group shares mutually interesting pins. A tribe is sometimes called a Reciprocal Sharing Group.


A Tailwind Tribe is useful whether you are a busy entrepreneur or blogger. It can help you ensure the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Your own Tribe will increase your pin reach. You can enjoy 2x follower increase and 3x social shares than those who do not use Tribes. Tailwind Tribe is free to use. It can help you reach your goals for your business.


The idea behind joining or creating a Tribe is simple. Once you become a Tribe member, you can start sharing pins of your own content. Other members may view and repin your posts if they like them. In return, you can see their posts and share them with your own audience. Through repining, you grab people’s attention and entice them to visit your blog or website. Other Tribe members may experience this benefit if other users including you repin their posts.

Having your own Tailwind Tribe is a great idea. Your own Tribe will establish your expertise on a specific topic, and people will suddenly notice you. Your target audiences will start to trust you while your website becomes a good source of information for them. Likewise, you would have control over your group members and the type of content they can pin and share.


Joining other Tribes and creating your own community will be your new source of encouragement and support. Your Tribe members can become your new friends, investors, or customers. You may also get referrals from these people. However, those things will happen only when you continuously provide more valuable content before showing them a sales pitch. When everything is fine, you can start promoting your newest product or blog post.



How to Make Your Own Tailwind Tribe?

Do you have a Tailwind account? You open it now. If you do not have an account yet, create one first. Then, someone should invite you to his or her Tribe so that the “Tribes” section will show up in your sidebar. Once you become a member of that group, you can now start creating your own Tribe.


Check your sidebar and look for the drop-down box under the “Tribes” section. You will see the “Create New Tribe” button near the drop-down box. When you click this button, a box will pop up. In this box, you must enter the following:

  • Your Tribe’s Name. Make sure your Tribe’s name is easy to memorize. It can be your name or something else that is fun and simple.
  • Add a Description. Add a short introduction about your Tribe. Tell everyone what they can expect from your Tribe.
  • Include Your Tribe Rules. If you do not create rules for your Tribe, it may lead to problems and disputes between you and some members. Tribe rules will help you keep your group members active and disciplined. When making rules for your Tribe, you can add something like removing the members who have failed to add or repin anything for one month. You may also ask for a specific number of repins for each pin they add. Tribe rules must encourage your members to stay fair and active.
  • Add Members to Your Tailwind Tribe. It is your privilege to select your Tribe members. Choose them depending on your niche. Look for people who have the same goals and interests as you.


How to Add Content to Your Tribe?

Adding content to your Tribe is quick and easy. Before anything else, make sure that you have installed the Tailwind extension on your browser. Once installed, visit your blog or Pinterest account, look for great content, and add it to your Tribe. Point the cursor over the image to see the Tailwind icon (a tiny blue tail). If the icon is not there, look for it on the right part of your URL bar.


A pop-up window will appear after picking the image you want to add to your Tribe. You will see the “Add to Tribes” button under a pin’s description. Click it, and another pop-up window will appear. In that window, look for your Tribe to add your content. After that, your pin will show up in your Tribe and is now available for viewing and sharing.

Some Tailwind Tribes are better and more interesting than others. Finding the best Tribes to join is easy. Likewise, you can leave these groups at any time if they are unhelpful to your marketing strategy. You may try joining three to five Tribes and leave any of them if you are not happy. You can also make a private Tribe with other reputable entrepreneurs. Look for business owners who can support you as you help them grow as well.


Some Things to Consider

You must consider the following if you want to create a Tailwind Tribe now:

  • Niche Down – Choose a niche and keep your Tribe focused on it. Each of your Tribe’s pins should be unique, engaging and relevant to your niche. This will help you avoid getting more random content and requests from random users.
  • Write to Your Group – In a Tailwind Tribe, you can interact with your group members all day via chat. Use this feature to inspire your fellow Tribe users. Feel free to send them a message and emphasize your Tribe rules.
  • Set Strict but Fair Rules – Setting strict, but fair rules for your own Tribe is always important. Tell your group members about your expectations so you can easily remove anyone who is not following the rules in your Tribe. You may try implementing the 1:1 pin ratios wherein your group members can pin their own content and re-pin other members’ posts. If you want, tell your Tribe members to avoid pinning non-Pinterest enhanced images. Monitor your members and always check their pins to know if they are following or breaking the rules. If one of them constantly posts poor quality or spammed content, remind him to follow the rules. Have the courage to remove him in the group if he does not comply.

Creating a Tailwind Tribe is one thing you can do to boost your visibility on Pinterest. It can even increase your reputation as a business owner. Your own Tribe can help you increase your sales and revenue as you spread the news about your business on Pinterest. With this, you will see your small business thriving faster than before.

Check out this awesome video that shows one of the many great features of Tailwind.


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