How To Grow and Care for Type 4C Natural Hair

A lot of women who have 4c hair are sometimes under the impression that their kind of hair can be quite difficult to grow. Believing this, some may not spend time to nurture it. They may use improper care techniques. They may neglect their hair. Some may simply use hair extensions or wigs to cover their tresses.

However, it IS quite possible to grow 4c hair. If you use the right techniques for its care and maintenance, you can even speed up its growth. You simply have to be patient and take the time to understand the nature of your hair. Take care of it the right way and you will have healthy hair growth.



What is 4c Hair?

This hair type can best be described as springy and extremely kinky, characterized by tight curls. The strands are either very delicate and fine or coarse and wiry. Some 4c hair may not follow a prescribed curl or shape pattern. More often than not, however, most 4c hair conform to an “s” pattern.

Regardless of the thickness and texture, 4c hair is fragile in nature. It requires extra care and maintenance for the strands to remain healthy. Notorious for its shrinkage, 4c hair can even shrink to about 75% of its original length.


How To Grow and Maintain 4c Natural Hair

Anybody who has 4c hair knows that it is not an easy task to grow and maintain this type of hair. The following tips can help you enjoy healthy, well-moisturized, and beautifully bountiful hair.

  • Keep your scalp clean.

Some women find that washing their hair every day gives them the best results. Others prefer to wash their hair twice monthly. Find out what method works best for your hair and stick to that.

Regardless of your wash schedule, however, you have to see to it that you keep your hair well-moisturized all the time.

  • Deep-condition your hair.

Your scalp produces natural oils. If you have 4c hair, the natural oils have a hard time taming the spirals of tightly curled hair. You have to use potent, high quality moisturizers to protect your strands from excess breakage and maintain its length.

With 4c hair, the strands are hard-pressed to get all the natural moisture from your scalp. You have to deep-condition your hair to draw moisture into the strands and to easily detangle the curls.

Protein treatments help to deep-condition your hair and make the strands stronger.

To promote healthy hair growth, add a protein treatment to your hair care regimen. A substantial part of the hair is composed of keratin. When your hair goes through any chemical procedure, the keratin protein bonds tend to break down. Your hair may weaken. Make sure to replenish the protein so that your hair stays strong and healthy.

If you want to have your 4c hair grow to a greater length, make sure to use hair moisturizers regularly.

Here’s an easy way to deep-condition 4c hair: After shampooing, apply conditioner on your hair, seeing to it that the ends (which are highly prone to split ends) get more than their fair share of the moisturizer. Choose a specially formulated leave-in conditioner that is sulphate-free. Check the labels to make sure that the conditioner has enough oils for your 4c hair.

  • Treat your hair gently.

This special hair type requires minimal manipulation if it is to remain strong and healthy.

Handle your hair gently and kindly. Do not rip through your hair to remove snarls and knots. Avoid taking a rough or careless detangling approach.

Gentle handling causes less breakage and helps promote hair growth. Treat your hair with care if you want to grow or retain its length.

Make sure that your hair is wet when you detangle it. Use your fingers, a Denman brush, or a wide-toothed comb. Use gentle ends-to-roots motions to smooth out the tangles.

Avoid using rubber bands to tie your hair as they can cause hair breakage. Instead, choose hair bands made from silky or satin fabric.

  • Use protective styling.

If you have 4c hair, it is imperative that you opt for protective styling to maintain its length and prevent hair breakage that tightly coiled, kinky strands are extremely prone to.

Find a hairstyle that is beautiful and protective at the same time. Wear your hair in an elegant updo. You can also style your hair in French braids or twists that lock in moisture and keep your 4c hair frizz-free, moisturized, and healthy.

Braids help to decrease the exposure of hair; this, in turn, reduces the risk of damage and allows healthy hair to grow. Choose box braids, Marley braids, and other similar styles which do not put too much weight or pull out your natural hair.

Choose fun styles that will protect your hair from tangles and knots that lead to split ends and breakage. Coils, tucks and rolls, and cornrows are other hairstyles that can help moisturize hair, decrease shedding, and retain more length.

  • Trim your hair to get rid of damaged ends.

Damaged strands slow down the natural and healthy growth of hair. Make sure to trim your tresses to remove dry and damaged ends. This is not counterproductive to your plan to grow your hair — it keeps split ends at bay. It checks further damage. It promotes healthy hair. All these help to promote the growth of healthy beautiful hair.

  • Protect your hair from the elements, particularly extreme cold and heat.

When going out on a really hot, cold, or windy day, make sure to use a scarf or hat for your hair. The scarf protects your hair from the elements and helps it retain moisture. It is also a good idea to use a satin bonnet to wrap your hair with when you go to bed.

Choose a scarf made from silk or satin so that it does not absorb too much oil like other fabrics tend to do. Use satin pillowcases to keep your hair’s natural oils from being absorbed by the fabric.

  • Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet to strengthen natural hair.

Nourish your hair from the inside by including food that helps to nourish your hair and add to its length.

Nutritional deficiency can lead to dry and brittle hair. It also affects your body’s ability to produce melanin and, as a result, give you gray hair prematurely. If you want your hair to be long, beautifully thick, and vibrant, make sure that your diet includes proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Use the right hair care products.

Make sure that the hair care products you use are specially formulated to grow 4c hair. These products contain ingredients essential for providing maximum moisture so that the shafts of your hair stay moisturized.

4c hair is predisposed to have low porosity. It has tightly closed cuticles that make it difficult to absorb moisture. Take this into consideration when you choose products for your hair.

Go for products that have the right blend of essential fatty acids and oleic acid so that you give your hair the right amount of moisture and oils that it needs to grow healthy. Products with ingredients like rosemary oil, moringa oil, or castor oil help in the upkeep and management of 4c hair.



Your hair can be beautiful, healthy, and long. You can have a gorgeous crown of hair by following the simple-to-follow tips detailed above.

Take the time to understand the nature of your hair. Adopt the right hair care regimen and you will have 4c hair that is long, healthy, and lustrous.


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