Got Bleached Hair? Here Are DIY Hair Mask Recipes That You Can Try

Bleaching your hair may sound fun — after all, it can give you a brand-new look — but your hair won’t see bleaching as a fun experience. Who would love being exposed to chemicals and so much heat?

Bleaching may look good on the outside, but you shouldn’t forget the damages it brings on the inside: Your hair is robbed of its natural moisturizer, becomes brittle, and becomes prone to breakage.

Give your hair the TLC it deserves by preparing these DIY recipes in the comfort of your own home.

Bleached hair requires extra attention. With the strands’ natural moisture stripped away, hair becomes dry, rough, and unmanageable. It becomes delicate and fragile. If you’re not careful, you could end up with split ends and hair breakages that are beyond your control.

When dealing with bleached hair, your usual shampoo and conditioner are not enough. You have to use something extra so that you can replenish your hair with what was lost when it had undergone bleaching.

That’s where these DIY recipes come in. See which ones would work for your hair the most.


Coco-Beer Hair Mask

You’d think coconut and beer would be a strange combination, but it’s a duo that works well for bleached hair. Here’s a hair mask that proves that the two ingredients could work wonders for your tresses.


  • Coconut oil, ½ cup
  • Traditional brewed beer, ½ cup


  1. Pour the beer into a bowl. Let the beer sit until it becomes de-carbonated.
  2. Then, add in the oil. (If the oil is not mixing properly, don’t worry; it’s because you don’t have any emulsifiers.)

How to Apply:

  1. Use your hands to apply the mixture on your hair. Make sure to cover everything — from ends to roots.
  2. Wear a shower cap. Let the mixture sit on your hair for about 20 minutes.
  3. After the 20 minutes are up, shampoo your hair and rinse with cold water.

You won’t often hear beer being used as a hair care product, but its ingredients — malt and hops — contain hair coating and nourishing properties that damaged hair needs. The sugar in beer will also help tighten the hair cuticles, making your crowning glory shine again. It makes the hair thicker and boosts overall body.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is often mentioned when it comes to the treatment of damaged hair. It has moisturizing and strengthening properties that hair would love.



TriOil Mask

This mask comes with three kinds of oils, each with its own components that help treat the hair and deal with the damage caused by bleaching.


  • Olive oil, 2 teaspoons
  • Almond oil, 2 teaspoons
  • Coconut oil, 1 cup



  1. Mix all oils in a bowl.
  2. Place the mixture inside the microwave and heat it for about two minutes.
  3. Once it cools down, the mixture is ready for use.

How to Apply:

  1. Gently massage the mixture first on the scalp, then down the length of the hair.
  2. Wear a shower cap. Leave the mixture on the hair and wait for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Wash the hair using mild shampoo. Condition the hair afterwards.
  4. You can perform this treatment three times a week.

Again, you’d find coconut oil in this recipe. It’s a magical ingredient as it adds balance, strength, and vitality to your hair. It moisturizes the strands naturally and even adds more shine.

Olive oil, on the other hand, strengthens hair and protects it from breakage, thus preventing hair loss. It helps protect hair from the oxidation of keratin protein, which leads to reviving the shine of hair.

Lastly, almond oil helps lock in  moisture. It has a high fatty acid content that stops hair from drying out. It makes your hair strong and manageable; it improves your hair’s overall health.



Yogurt, Honey, and Banana Hair Mask

Yogurt, honey, and banana are not just for your tummy — they’re for your hair as well. Here’s a mask that you can make out of these yummy ingredients.



  • Yogurt, ½ cup, plain (preferably full fat and unflavored)
  • Honey, ¼ cup
  • Banana, 1 piece


  1. Mash the banana in a small bowl. (For best results, mash the banana until it becomes pureed.)
  2. Mix in yogurt and honey.
  3. Combine all ingredients well.

How to Apply:

  1. Massage the mixture on your hair and scalp. Let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  2. Afterwards, shampoo your hair. Make sure to rinse well.

When using this mask, you should be prepared to take out banana chunks from your hair using a fine-toothed comb, especially if you haven’t mashed the banana well. All the mess will be worth it; your hair will end up clean and shiny.

Yogurt is included because it detangles, strengthens, moisturizes, and mildly cleanses hair. Don’t choose the non-fat ones; you need as much fatty acids to repair the damage of your hair.

Because honey is a natural humectant, it attracts moisture and gives dry hair its glow and luster. It also comes with nutrients and antioxidants that nourish hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

What about the banana? It contains vitamin A, a nutrient that helps promote healthy sebum — a substance produced by the scalp — that keeps hair from getting dried out and breaking off. It also helps in hair growth and stops hair loss.



Milky Avocado Mask

It’s not a mask — it’s a snack. Check out this mask made out of milk and avocado and see why it’s recommended for your hair.


  • Ripe avocado, 1 piece
  • Milk, 3 tablespoons


  1. In a bowl, mash the avocado until you don’t see chunks.
  2. Pour in the milk and mix well.

How to Apply:

  1. Massage the mixture on your hair from roots to tips.
  2. Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes.
  3. Wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly.

Milk is great for your bleached hair because of its essential nutrients — vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E, and K, to name a few. It also comes with proteins that are good for the hair. Milk helps restore the hair’s natural shine and luster as well as strengthen its structure.

Avocado, on the other hand, contains fatty acids that help nourish your bleached hair. They coat the hair shaft and seal in moisture. The fruit’s natural oils give your hair much-needed hydration. It repairs damage by conditioning the hair and providing it with the essential nutrients necessary for good health.



Oat Pumpkin Hair Mask

Your pumpkin is not just for Halloween; it’s for your hair as well. See how a mixture of oats, shea butter, and pumpkin can help treat and care for your bleached hair.



  • Raw coconut oil, 2 ounces, unrefined and liquefied
  • Shea butter, 2 ounces, solidified
  • Raw pumpkin pulp, 2 ounces, seedless
  • Oatmeal powder, 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil, 1 ounce (can be replaced with sunflower oil)


  1. Separate the seeds from the guts. Set aside and save for later use.
  2. In a bowl, mix pumpkin guts, coconut oil, olive (or sunflower) oil, and shea butter.
  3. Add the oatmeal powder last.
  4. Use a blender to combine all ingredients and wait until you’ve reach a smooth consistency.

How to Apply:

  1. Massage your hair with this oat, shea butter, and pumpkin mixture.
  2. After 10 minutes, rinse well with water.

This hair mask, once prepared, is ready for immediate use. If you have leftover paste, transfer the mask in a sealable, tinted container. Store in the fridge. Its shelf life is about 5 days.

Pumpkins contain antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps strengthen hair follicles while vitamin E enhances blood circulation to promote hair growth. Pumpkins also contain beta carotene that gets converted to vitamin A, which prevents hair loss and boosts hair health.

On the other hand, oats help strengthen hair and reduce breakage that’s caused by bleaching. It also helps protect hair from becoming brittle, as well as relieves scalp sensitivity and itching.

Shea butter is also a part of this mask because it helps reduce split ends and increase hair growth. It prevents hair from getting dry and brittle.



Through these DIY recipes, you can help rescue your hair from the damages caused by bleaching. One of the best things about these ingredients (coconut oil, honey, milk, banana, yogurt, etc.) is that it won’t be hard to look for them — perhaps you even have some of them in your own pantry.

Don’t let the bleaching process stop you from loving your newly colored hair. Stop having bad hair days with the right hair care routine. Through these homemade hair masks that come with natural ingredients, your hair will be nourished and nurtured. You don’t have to resort to chemicals that will further harm your hair and bring more damage.

If you use these DIY hair masks religiously (it’s recommended that you use one at least once a week), you’ll see significant changes to your tresses and regain your crowning glory.


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