Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

The hair dryer has become a basic necessity for those who like to make sure that their hair looks good. But choosing the right one for their hair has become a delightful dilemma for consumers because there are lots of hair dryers to choose from in the market today.

To help you decide, here are tips on the basic features and characteristics of various kinds of hair dryers.


Features and characteristics of a hair dryer

1. Wattage

Wattage is the amount of electricity or energy used by a hair dryer. Simply put, this indicates of the strength of the gadget. A high watt means the dryer can generate strong heat. Experts advise that it is safer for consumers to use a dryer with a wattage not higher than 1875.

2. Ceramics

The heating coil inside some of the dryers is coated with ceramics for an even, smooth and consistent distribution of heat. Ceramics also emits infrared heat that hastens drying of hair.

3. Titanium

The heating mechanism inside the dryer is made of titanium. It functions like the ceramic does, but lighter. Thus, since it is light, it lessens the fatigue when blow drying for a long period of time.

4. Negative ion/ Ionic

Almost every hair dryer in the market today has the ionic feature. The dryer emits negative ions that break down the water in the hair, causing it to evaporate or dry much faster and minimizing the exposure of the hair to excessive heat.

5. Infrared heat

Some hair dryers feature components that emit infrared heat. This is a consistent electro-magnetic heat that is able to penetrate thick layers of hair.

6. Tourmaline

The heating mechanism of the dryer is made of or coated with tourmaline, a rare and precious crystal. When heated, the tourmaline emits ionic element that breaks water in hair into very tiny particles, speeding up the drying process. However, because the crystal is precious, tourmaline hair dryers are expensive.

The problem is that the hair may lose its bounciness and volume with the frequent use of ionic hair dryer.

7. Cool shot

A cool shot is the cold air blown by the hairdryer into the hair after drying. This process closes the cuticle and allows the hair to settle.

8. Diffuser and concentrator nozzle

A Diffuser is an attachment to the hairdryer that prevents tangles in curly or wavy hair. The concentrator nozzle is also an attachment that is used for blowing air in certain area of the hair.


The best hair dryer for every hair type

For better result, choose the hairdryer that has multiple settings of heat (low, medium, high).

1. Straight and fine hair

Use a hairdryer that has tourmaline or ionic feature. The ions maintain the straightness of the hair. But do not overuse it so as not to risk losing the volume of the hair. Set the heat to low to medium. Also, the fan speed should be in medium as the high-velocity wind can also be a cause of damage to hair. Blast the hair with cool shot to seal the cuticle.

2. Wavy hair

This is a combination of straight and slightly curled hair. Attach the diffuser for even distribution of heat and to eliminate frizzle. Use infrared heat for better penetration of heat or ionic for quicker drying process. Set the heat to medium, although you can adjust it to high once in a while. Give it a cool shot for the final touch.

3. Curly hair

Just like with the wavy hair, use a diffuser, although you may want to use the concentrator nozzle to work better on certain areas to prevent frizz. Tourmaline hair dryer is good for this type of hair for better drying. Set the heat to high, although keep the dryer moving so as to avoid over drying the hair. Use the cool shot to lock in the curl.

4. Kinky hair

Use the diffuser for an even distribution of heat and to retain the kinkiness. Kinky hair is usually thick, so set the heat to high. The ionic particles or infrared heat can hasten the drying process. Apply cool shot to settle the hair.


If you’re looking to buy one, here are two of the best-selling hair dryers from Amazon today:

1. Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer

It has wattage of 1875 and equipped with tourmaline and ceramic heating that emits infrared heat. It has three settings for heat and two for fan speed. Cool shot is available in this model. Accessories include concentrator, diffuser, filter and cool shot. It is quite affordable at under $20. 


2. Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer 

It comes with infrared and tourmaline ionic technology. It has two heat settings and 2 speed settings. It also boasts cool shot button. Attachments include diffuser and concentrator. The price is not heavy in the pocket and is also less than $20.

For additional best selling hair dryers (tourmaline, ceramics, negative ion, and titanium) click on the images below:  

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