Ceramic Vs. Titanium Flat Irons - Benefits and Risks To Natural Hair

The following article is the ultimate guide for hair straightening, no doubt. However, straightening isn’t the only thing you can do with your hair. The realm of hair care is vast and, surprisingly, not very expensive. A great way to delve into all that you can do with your hair to reach your hair goals effectively, would be to start with this hair care tutorial.

Flat irons are amazing hair straightening tools. However, these flat irons should also be used according to hair types, which are:

  • Type 1 (straight) – the most resilient hair type
  • Type 2 (wavy) – it’s a mix of straight hair root and wavy tips
  • Type 3 (curly) – hair strands are S-shaped
  • Type 4 (kinky) – hair strands are tightly coiled

Titanium and ceramic flat irons are two popular hair tools used by professional stylists. While ceramic and titanium make flat irons highly effective, each of them delivers slightly different results. So, before using any flat iron, find out first which kind is perfect for your hair type.


Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic flat irons are among the most popular hair straighteners you can find in the market today. They heat evenly due to their smooth plates and show decent styling power. The material used in these flat irons also make the plates last longer. Some flat iron models sold online have metallic bodies coated with ceramic. Also, you can find a few ceramic flat iron models with an extra veneer on top. Ceramic flat irons are perfect for almost all hair types. You can try something sturdy like Remington S9520 Salon or HSI Professional Glider.


  • Proper temperature distribution – the best thing to know regarding ceramic flat irons is they distribute the temperature evenly all over your hair. It’s a great benefit which you can’t get from other flat iron types. Proper temperature distribution will help you work better on your hair and style it fast. However, you must keep on checking your hair for damage while using ceramic flat irons. 
  • Versatility – ceramic flat irons are extremely popular because of their versatility. They are also the best type that’s suitable for delicate hair because ceramic will assist with making sure the hair get ironed consistently. It’s something that titanium flat irons can’t offer. Aside from that, ceramic flat irons work well on thin and thick hair as they produce negative ions. These substances fight off frizzy hair while making it shinier than before.


Titanium Flat Irons

Flat irons with titanium are extremely lightweight. Also, they heat up fast just like the ceramic flat irons. Titanium is also somewhat similar with tourmaline as it also generates heat using the negative ions. 

However, titanium tends to be dangerous for damage-prone hair types. These flat irons are suitable for hair type 3 or curly hair. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth and Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron are two popular choices for titanium flat irons.


  • Heat conduction – titanium flat irons are excellent in terms of heat conduction. This feature ensures that flat irons can give consistent heat, which will help fight hair damage. Also, heat conduction will let you give variation to minimum temperature that protects your hair from damage. 
  • Quicker results – titanium flat irons are great as titanium heats them up instantly. These flat irons have an excellent ionic output that helps in transferring temperature to plates quicker than ceramic. 


Ceramic Flat Iron Vs Titanium Flat Iron



- Transfers heat quickly

- A durable type of flat iron that is popular for high resistance

- Best for salon use


- Ceramic flat irons can damage your hair if you use them without taking extra care.




- Titanium flat irons are great for heat distribution

- These hair tools offer better performance than other flat iron types

- Great for home use


- Don’t buy titanium flat irons that are made of cheap aluminum and coated with ceramic. These products may be damaging to your hair. 


Tourmaline – What Is It?

When you shop for flat irons, you will find tourmaline-plated flat irons for sure. Tourmaline is the powdered crystalline mineral that is used for coating the flat iron’s metal plates. Titanium and ceramic flat irons could be tourmaline-plated. In fact, most flat irons, either ceramic or titanium, are manufactured using tourmaline. 

Moreover, tourmaline goes with extremely high ion output. Because of this, tourmaline can provide extremely sleek, straight, and shiny hair right away. Sadly, tourmaline coating will also get chipped in the end. When it happens, tourmaline will bring out the titanium or ceramic plates beneath.



Now that you can tell how ceramic differs from titanium, you could simply choose between ceramic flat iron vs titanium flat iron. While these two materials can make your hair shiny and sleek, titanium straightens the hair faster. However, titanium flat irons should be handled with utmost care.

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    I currently have two plates and they are Karmin’s I love because it leaves my hair soft, shiny and without friz. the risks are that if you do not take care of your hair or flatten it with wet hair you can be damaged by not rest.

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