Beauty Blog Writing: 5 Killer Ways to Quality Content

Beauty blogs have become the ultimate authority for beauty tips, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. People love beauty bloggers because they practically give the same information as beauty magazines, without the monthly subscription.

Over the years, beauty blogging has become such a lucrative industry that thousands of women start their own beauty blogs with the hopes of becoming the next “breakthrough beauty influencer of the year”. Just do a quick search of the most popular beauty bloggers online and you’ll find more than 142,000,000 search results.

You see, beauty bloggers don’t just keep blogs as a creative outlet anymore. Starting a blog these days can be compared to starting an industry. Most do it because the niche offers plenty of perks.

When you have a fairly successful beauty blog, sponsors will flock to you to pay for ad space on your website. You’ll also receive lots of free products to try from both well-known and up and coming brands. If you want to make a commission from readers’ purchases, you can even set up an affiliate program.

Becoming a beauty blogger doesn’t just make you a source for beauty information. It also makes you an authority in the beauty and wellness niche.

But running a beauty blog isn’t actually a walk in the park. Sure, you get to talk about all the things that you love - beauty trends and hip products, but with countless beauty bloggers producing the same content as you, it can seem impossible to stand out from the crowd.

If you want readers to keep coming back to your blog for beauty inspiration, you need to remember two things.

First, always keep your content fresh. The beauty industry can move pretty fast so you need to always be one step ahead of the competition. If you’re featuring a product that 10 other blogs have already featured, that means you’re already late in the game.

Second, it pays to be consistent. When you’re running a beauty blog, make sure you follow a schedule so that your readers have something to look forward to every week. For your blog to gain traction, you need to be consistently producing quality content.

So, how do you get started on creating content that your readers won’t be able to get enough of? Here are our top 5 killer ideas.



5 Content ideas that will make your beauty blog great


1. Pocket-friendly favorites

It’s easy to write about designer beauty brands but that won’t really attract you a lot of readers. If you want to write viral beauty content, the best way is to write about pocket-friendly favorites. Most beauty bloggers use high-end makeup, which is great to showcase their artistry, but not to recommend to readers. The average person would be more interested in copping the same look without paying the expensive price tag.

2. The right way of doing something

Even though there are already countless makeup tutorials available online, readers still can’t get enough of posts that tell them how to do something right. It can be something as simple as shaving your eyebrows or blending foundation. As long as you’re writing about the correct way of doing it, there’s an audience out there that’s willing to learn.

3. Investigative tricks and tips

Which is better to use to cover up blemishes - BB cream or CC cream? Is the 10-step Korean skincare routine worth all that effort? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it’s time to experiment! Help people find better and cheaper ways to look fabulous with makeup tips that you yourself have already tried. This will not only help you establish your credibility, it will also lead to other content ideas that you can play around with.

4. Before-and-after progress articles

Readers are often drawn to beauty bloggers who aren’t afraid to be themselves. They follow and trust bloggers who clearly know their stuff and are willing to show their process to an audience. The great thing about this is that you’ll never run out of beauty blog ideas once you get into before-and-after types of content.

 5. Sponsored posts from underrated brands

Getting sponsored posts from luxury brands is a sign that you’ve made it. But if you’re still a long way from reaching “influencer” status, you can still build your content by inviting underrated beauty brands to sponsor a couple of posts on your blog. Linking up with smaller brands will help introduce your brand to a different audience and even win some new fans.



8 Tips to elevate your beauty blog

Do your keyword research

There’s nothing worse than a blog that has no visitors. To ensure that your content is always relevant and worthy of an audience, make sure that you do your keyword research. By looking up keywords that readers use to find beauty blogs, you’ll know what kind of topics they’re interested to read more about. A word to the wise: SEO is still the best way to grow your blog.

Invest time and effort in writing longer blog entries

Longer blog posts don’t just pack in more information, they also have a better chance of ranking higher on the search engine results page. And we all know, the higher you are on the SERPs, the more readers you’ll attract to your blog.

Make sure that your posts are easy to read

If you’re going to spend a lot of time writing long content, you might as well put in extra effort to make sure that your blog posts are skimmable. Readers easily get bored with large chunks of words, so aside from using descriptive headlines, make sure to break up your paragraph into 2-3 sentences each. Not a strong writer, or don't have time to write? This content writing company has proved to be one of the best on the market. The reviews are AMAZING!!!! They will even post the content to your website and provide a high quality stock image for free.

Show off your branding

It takes more than quality content to get regular readers. You need to develop a brand that will convince people to subscribe to your blog, follow your social media accounts, and even offer you a couple of sponsorship deals. Remember, your brand has to be consistent across all your digital assets if you want to turn your blog into a money-making machine.

Maintain a fun and casual tone

The great thing about writing for a beauty blog is that you don’t have to get too technical with the content. Readers want content that they can relate to, so feel free to show off your personality, As long as you keep your tone fun and casual, it won’t be hard for you to keep your readers engaged.

Take quality photos

Since beauty blogs focus on aesthetics, it’s absolutely crucial that you use quality photos for your blog articles. Invest in a camera that takes high-resolution photos, and learn a few tricks of the trade that will make your images stand out.

Create a video content strategy

Video content is all the rage among beauty content creators, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to win an audience with a well-planned video content strategy. The best ideas for video content are still how-to guides and before-and-after transformations. You might even want to consider starting your own vlog to support your content strategy.

Exceed your readers’ expectations

The most effective way to make your beauty blog valuable is to exceed your readers’ expectations. By providing high-value content to your readers and exerting effort into helping them solve their problems, you’ll make your blog indispensable.

Final Words

With the right mindset, you can turn your ordinary beauty blog into a #beautyinspo hub. All you have to do is keep an eye out for creative ideas, show off your passion, and back it up with hard work. You’ll be sure to win a loyal audience in no time.

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