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5 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions with Natural Hair

Posted by Shavon Walker on

You might be thinking of getting hair extensions, but are unsure of which to get. Synthetic or natural human hair? Both are definitely wearable, but if you want to experiment with your extensions in terms of cut, color, and style, choosing natural human hair is the best for you.

Want to know all the other reasons why you should choose to go 100% natural human hair? Check these out:


    • Seamlessly Natural

      If you want your finished look to appear natural (meaning, like you’re not even wearing extensions), choosing 100% human hair is hands down your only choice. From the looks, the feel, even down to how your extensions will sway, flip, and bounce with your movement, natural human hair will give you the most natural result.

      Of course, that’s not saying all synthetic extensions look jarringly plastic. Some of them do, of course, especially the super cheap ones. But some of the more expensive ones have the look of almost-natural hair. Not quite as natural, but not something you can tell at a moment’s glance. However, at that price point, you’re better off getting natural hair extensions instead.


        • Durable to Wear and Tear

          100% human hair extensions last longer than synthetic hair extensions because natural human hair can withstand a bit more wear and tear than synthetic filaments. 100% human hair extensions can last from 1-2 years, depending on your care, while synthetic hair extensions can last from 1-3 months.

          Of course, a part of your extensions’ lifespan will depend on your giving proper care to them. However, synthetic extensions get much less wear time because once their design or style is damaged, there’s no turning back.

          Synthetics have a “memory,” meaning the style that the extensions came in will be set. The style won’t budge even if you comb or wet your extensions. Once regular wear and tear damages synthetic extensions, it’s time to replace them.


          100% human hair extensions, like human hair, can be styled in many ways like natural human hair.


            • Wider Range of Style Options

              If you want hair extensions that have only 1 set style, great, synthetics might be an affordable solution to you. But if you want to use your hair extensions for a variety of styles, getting 100% human hair is your only choice.

              You see, synthetic hair extensions can’t take hair dyes or heating tools. Although it should be noted that some synthetic extensions are “heat-friendly,” they can melt if you set your iron or roller to too high a setting.

              Natural human hair, however, can take hair dyes and heating tools just as your own hair. This means you’ll have a wider range of styles to use.


                • Easier Maintenance

                  Since natural human hair extensions have human hair, caring for them is as simple and easy as caring for your own hair. Just use your own shampoo and conditioner just as you would with your own head of hair.

                  For synthetic extensions, you’ll need to buy shampoo and conditioner specifically made for synthetic hair. You also need to brush synthetic hair frequently to prevent knots and tangles.


                    • Easier to Manage


                      The last and probably the greatest reason to choose natural human hair extensions is because they’re easier to manage than synthetic extensions. The reason you’re getting extensions is mostly to rock longer, thicker hair, and how will you get to rockin’ it when you’re doing nothing but detangling your tresses?


                      Of course, both synthetic and natural human hair extensions will get tangled if you wear your long hair down, but since human hair extensions can be treated with detangling serums and sprays unlike synthetic extensions, natural human hair extensions will be easier to manage than synthetic ones.



                      Hair Extension Types and Grades

                      Ready to get your own hair extensions? Choosing one might get confusing because there are so many to choose from. Not to mention, hair extensions have their own set of types and grading system that could be confusing to first timers.

                      To give you a bit of info, here are the types and grades of hair extensions, explained:


                          Hair Extension Types

                              Types refer to the kinds of hair used to make the wefts. From highest quality to lowest, they are:

                              • 100% Virgin Hair – Human hair with the cuticles of each strand going in the same direction. This means each strand is incredibly smooth and silky. Hair didn’t undergo mechanical or chemical treatments and processes.
                              • Remy Hair – Human hair with the cuticles of each strand also going in the same direction. However, Remy hair has gone trough chemical or mechanical treatment to achieve its silky smoothness.
                              • 100% Human Hair – Not mixed with synthetic hair. Strands have probably been stripped of their cuticles. These extensions have also gone through chemical treatment.
                              • Synthetic Hair – Completely synthetic hair.


                                Hair Extension Grades

                                  Grades refer to the quality of the hair strands and extensions themselves. From highest quality to lowest, they are:

                                  • 10A – Hair from the extension wefts came from one donor. Ends are thick and the strands have a strong structure. Can be dyed to even white or silver without getting much damage to the strands. Less prone to tangling and matting (even in comparison to your own hair!). No shedding. Easiest to manage and maintain. Best for curly hair.
                                  • 9A & 8A– Hair from the extension wefts came from one donor, though a few strands might be shorter than the rest. Still thicker and stronger than average natural hair and can still withstand dyeing to paler colors. Little to no shedding.
                                  • 7A – Usually the grade given to high-quality Remy hair. Thick strands with strong structure, but usually achieved with a bit of chemical treatment. Can be dyed to platinum blonde without getting much damage. Little shedding.
                                  • 6A – Most affordable grade of quality extensions. Usually Remy hair, but with medium thickness. Can be dyed to medium or honey-blonde colors, but should be done professionally to avoid getting damaged. Some shedding. Best for straight hair.
                                  • 5A & 4A – A little less than average quality hair. These are most often used as practice material in styling schools. Usually 100% human hair, which means the strands are rough or completely without cuticles. Strands are thin and will probably get tangled or matted up. Expect shedding.
                                  • 3A – Lowest quality hair, usually from mixed donors. Some companies might add synthetic fibers or animal hair. The thinnest strands with tapered ends, some with splits. Not recommended for long-term use.



                                  Recommended 100% Natural Hair Extensions

                                    Royal Impression Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave by RIOUS


                                      • 100% unprocessed virgin human hair
                                      • Grade 10A
                                      • Natural black color
                                      • Cut from the head of one donor, instead of gathering from strands on the floor
                                      • Length can be up to 30 inches (when fully straightened)
                                      • Double weft, machine made
                                      • 15-day money back guarantee


                                      • Coarse wavy style
                                      • Comes into only 3 bundles


                                        HIKYUU Glue-in Hair Extensions Ash Brown


                                          • 100% Remy hair
                                          • Great as starter extensions if going to dye to a lighter color
                                          • 90-day money back guarantee


                                          • No grade stated
                                          • Color from ad might differ from actual
                                          • Glue-in method might be trickier for first timers
                                          • Hair can become wavy after washing


                                            8A Brazilian Straight Hair by Grace Length Hair


                                              • 100% Brazilian virgin hair
                                              • Grade 8A
                                              • Natural black color
                                              • Double weft, machine made
                                              • 15-day money back guarantee


                                              • Pronounced shedding
                                              • Texture changes when dyed at home (unprofessionally)
                                              • Needs careful maintenance with hair oils


                                                Sunny Hair Micro Loop Extensions White Blonde


                                                  • 100% Remy human hair
                                                  • Ring hair extensions, usually the most undetectable
                                                  • Great for those wanting to dye a darker color
                                                  • Anytime money back guarantee


                                                  • No grade stated
                                                  • Can’t be dyed to a lighter color
                                                  • Heat tools can’t exceed 180 degrees
                                                  • Color from ad might differ from actual


                                                  Now that you’re more knowledgeable about human hair extensions, what are you waiting for? Get that thick head of soft and shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of!

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