10 Key Points on How to Identify Premium Content Writers for Your Beauty Blog

If you are a blogger and you plan on composing your blog posts on your own, it will be time-consuming. More often than not, it will not give you time to focus on other aspects of your blog. Aside from creating content for your blog, as blog owner, you are supposed to monitor traffic. Blogs become interesting if there are stunning photographs of the latest trends, like in fashion and beauty.

Many people think that blogging is easy and may think that merely writing about what they know would suffice. But most beauty blogs fail in the end because of their lackluster content.

People fail to realize that blogging is a skill, and blogs need to ensure that they publish great, quality content. As such, there is a pressing need for beauty bloggers to make sure that they have skilled writers to consistently write great content.

For the reasons above, it’s time to outsource premium content by hiring great content writers. You’ll find 10 tips below that will help identify what premium content writers are like and how to identify premium content writers for your beauty blog.



How Do I Identify Premium Content Writers?

        Premium writers are capable and knowledgeable of writing articles and blog posts. In addition, they should be able to create lists, guides, videos, infographics, slideshows, glossaries, and directories. You can identify them through their:


  1. Compelling header texts

Premium writers are aware of the power of headlines. Headlines should attract audiences to read further. Taking this into account, the emphasis should be on writing persuasive and informative headlines.

When featuring a newly-released exfoliating cream, premium writers would write something like: “Newly-released Product X captivates beauty enthusiasts”, instead of “Product X released in the market”.


  1. Organization of information

Content written by a premium writer will feature the most important points at the top. Feature should be answerable by who, what, where, when, and how. It should be followed by supporting information in succeeding paragraphs. The least relevant information is placed at the bottom part of the content. This is called the inverted pyramid approach, which is widely used in journalism.

Meanwhile, if a post is about a step-by-step process, premium writers would ensure that each instruction is clear and easy to follow. Plus, the whole content should be easily understandable.

Premium writers make sure that content is organized that will be helpful to readers and intended audiences.


  1. Use of keywords

What distinguishes premium writers from regular writers is their use of keywords. Premium writers consider the use of keywords in their content through SEO optimization. The goal is to compose content with relevant keywords for easy search engine accessibility.

Premium writers determine keywords through keyword research. This is how they discover and assess words that are most commonly typed in search engines for website traffic.


  1. Use of multimedia

Blogs support many types of content, and premium writers use this feature to their advantage. Aside from providing plain text, premium writers add photos, videos, links, analytics, and even polls, slideshows, and galleries.

For example, you’d like your beauty blog to feature what celebrities wore in a recent awards night. Your readers will become interested if there is an interactive content. You can achieve this by adding a gallery or a slideshow of photos. They can refer to the outfits visually while reading facts about celebrities. You may also add a poll at the end of the article for interaction among the readers.


  1. Consideration to the audience

Premium writers understand that everyone can access their content. Hence, they make sure that they have an easy to understand content. It adds to the appeal if you can allow new visitors to further explore the site. In this case, hyperlinks help, especially to new visitors.

        Your beauty blog can use hyperlinks for readers to get around your blog. An introduction to a blog post can include, “If you are new to this blog, be sure to check out this post for more details”.


  1. Proficiency in language and grammar

Premium writers proofread before submitting and/or publishing their work. Through proofreading, premium writers are able to assess their own work. Doing so allows them to edit lapses immediately.

Premium writers acknowledge that proofreading is an integral part of writing a blog. There is no way that they’ll allow a mediocre content to be published. Readers are intelligent and they will not tolerate grammatical errors in content. Remember that you need to sustain your readers’ interests and not drive them away.


  1. Credible references

Well-written content becomes credible when its references are authoritative. Premium writers get information from reliable sources. They rely on official publications, official press releases, interviews, and others.

In your beauty blog, you can include actual links to sources or even feature sources in your content. Readers like reading verifiable information. They might even be more interested in directly contacting your sources. 

For example, if a blog post of yours were to feature a celebrity using a beauty product or sporting a new fashion trend, you can include images. It would also add to your readers’ interested if you provide links to socials to further increase legitimacy of the featured article.


  1. Desirable work ethic

Premium content writers are punctual, honest, responsive, and approachable. Aside from their skill in content writing, they add value to the blog through their work ethic and professionalism.

A punctual writer is more likely to be productive. Keep in mind that productivity leads to more content. Honesty is prized, as it signifies reliability. Responsiveness is crucial for future projects to come and is connected to how approachable a writer is.

When selecting writers, there really should be no pressure in hiring people whom you want to work with, considering that it is your beauty blog, in the first place. But, it should be kept in mind that readers look for professionalism in a blogger’s content, particularly in blogs that specialize in niches.


  1. Competent portfolio

Whether you choose freelance sites, writing firms, or even amateur writers, you should still ask for their portfolio. This allows assess a writer’s skills. This will also help you to evaluate whether a writer can add value to your blog that will help increase traffic.

Also, since this is a beauty blog, it will be best if you prioritize portfolios that contain writeups about beauty and fashion. Other topics would not be as important. Premium writers have a competent portfolio and are flexible to adapt to changes.

You can either ask plain text or articles that mimic blog posts themselves. This means it can include pictures and even promotions of products, if it is ever appropriate.


  1. Profile and skillset

Premium content writers are knowledgeable about other aspects of blogging relevant to writing. These include SEO optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing strategy, and others. You should ask for samples or outputs of your writers’ skills in their portfolios.

For instance, if your applicant claims to be good in SEO optimization, you should ask them to provide articles that are SEO optimized. It’s will be easier to make your own assessment.

It is also important to do a background check on your applicants. Make sure to check their profiles, as well, or their provided resumes. If necessary, ask for references.

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